3 STEPS to CLEAR SKIN in 1 week (For combination to Oily Skin)

Much more crucial data right here: Must Read through! ^___^ Hello my stunning ladies and boys, comply with this skin care program and my tips to enhance your skin in just 1 week. This skin care program is…

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25 thoughts on “3 STEPS to CLEAR SKIN in 1 week (For combination to Oily Skin)

  1. @A_Little_Me
    For some reason There is no option to reply to you but I hope you get this
    Thank you so much for such detailed explanations. Even I got to learn so
    much from you from the comments you posted.

    Some people who are older and knows how to take care of their skin watch
    this video and try to point out the flaws instead of thinking how hard I
    have tried to make it in simple language so that it is easy to understand
    for everyone. This video was made for all the teenagers who kept on asking
    me about skin care. So I tried my best to make it easy for everyone to
    understand and follow. Also bare in mind that I have followers who don’t
    understand English that well. Some people just don’t realise that there are
    so many people out there that don’t know anything about skin care, they ask
    such simple questions. If I had made this video using scientific English
    words that most people never heard of, it would be so complicated and I
    wouldn’t be able to make them understand. We should never forget to look at
    things from someone else’s shoes.

    I didn’t expect it to get so many views but I hope I am clear to everyone
    who is willing to take better care of their skin.
    Anything that you didn’t understand here, I will make them clear in my
    future skin care videos.

    Love, Diipa 

  2. Omg, you’re so incredibly adorable. I just found this and I’m totally in
    love with you. ~goes to watch more of your vids~

  3. im a dude but i want clear skin to attract the ladies. i dont know how much
    of this video applies to me since i dont use makeup. what should my routine
    be. I have mild acne sometimes. a pimple here or there. but sometimes my
    forehead gets oily and i have pimple scars…i sound ugly when i describe
    my skin ):

  4. i have really severe acne but i’m 14 years old so medicine is impossible
    and cream just doesn’t work! i cleanse ; exfoliate and moisturize( well not
    always ) do you have any solution!!!

  5. Using vaseline does not moisturize your lips or skin. Vasline is, simply
    sad, just “plastic”, like silicon. Maybe its protecting your skin, but it
    really just puts a layer unto it. The best moisturizer is natural aloe vera
    or coconut oil!

  6. Awesome tut! What camera do you use? The quality is absolutely fantastic +G

  7. Hi I just love your videos. Can u plz tell me how can I get rid of dark
    circles. I have watched lots of videos of getting rid of dark circles and I
    also tried many of them but it didn’t work. My friends make of me and I
    don’t like it…..

  8. I am going to have to see some serious scientific research if I am to give
    up my face cloths. My washing programme says that white wash at 95C kills

  9. WHAT ? BORRING OLD things ! ” heal the inside= heal the outside” is
    scientificaly true !!!

  10. Girl, I started to use tissue paper to wipe excess water from my face
    instead of using a towel and boy did it help! My pimples have reduced so
    much! Thank you so much for the helpful advice!

  11. hey.. it otally loved your video and the method that you told to get a
    clear skin.. but insted of using soooo imean srusly soooooooo many products
    and chemicals onto our skin is there any other natural home remedy.

  12. Your really cute. You seem genuine as well, I don’t like videos where girls
    seem fake in what they say but you definitely seem genuine I liked this
    video and will subscribe. Thanx for the advice. 

  13. omg u are so pretty without makeup a lot of people that wear makeup when
    they take it off it looks really bad but for you its still perfff

  14. Helloo, I really loved your tips and everything. Thanks! I have a question
    though..For as long as I can remember, I’ve had oily skin and keep getting
    pimples out of nowhere. I’ve taken a pill as adviced by my dermatologist,
    and it cleared up most of my acne, but even after that my skin is not clear
    enough. I don’t everything. I moisturize, I put on lotion, I cleanse. E v e
    r y t h i n g! My diet is also full of vegetables and fruit (I am
    vegetarian). I long for the day that I will have clear skin. 🙁 I’m so
    tired of this. Do you have any advice?

  15. omg you’re not suppose to rub your eye aggressively to remove the make up
    like that!

  16. Hey thanks for the video…I follow your 3 steps everyday….and guess what
    ☺☺☺ it work perfect for me.i can see a lot improvement on my face. Once
    again thanks for the tutorial….

  17. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize since I was in elem( tho I’ve been doing it
    more religiously for about 4 years or so) but I still get acne and ofc acne
    scars. I do facials and exfoliate my skin biweekly also. I think it has to
    due with bad sleeping schedules and hormones. But it just seems that I can
    get my skin clear for a couple weeks and a pimple will start forming

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