A true miracle- How I got rid of my acne. Daily skin-care routine.

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Author: Clear Skin Girl

50 thoughts on “A true miracle- How I got rid of my acne. Daily skin-care routine.

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  2. I really hope this isn’t an ad or anything because I ordered the Regimen
    and just started it today. Crossing my fingers it works.

  3. Hello people. Can anyone of you suggest me any proven acne treatment? My 12
    years old daughter has big acne… She has tried a lot of methods and
    treatments but nothing really worked in her case. Moreover, her skin is
    getting more worse everyday. If anyone knows good acne treatment, please
    reply asap! Thanks in advance 

  4. *Acne Drugs And Antibiotics Can Make Your Acne Worse. Right now my skin is
    perfectly clear, for the first time in 3 years. It’s been about 9 weeks and
    all my acne is gone. It is such a great feeling to wake up with clear skin.*

  5. the comment section is FULL of salespeople posing as real viewers trying to
    get us to buy their shitty products. Fucking lame. And after watching this
    video.. it really seems like this is a paid ad for acne.org.. it just
    really really seems that way with the editing and how she goes into really
    careful detail about how to apply and everything.. seems totally like a
    commercial or sales ad for the acne.org regimine.. BP does NOT clear severe
    acne. And the girl in the video had hormonal acne, so what probably cleared
    her up was birth control pills or her hormones finally balanced off with
    time. Theres no way BP will clear severe acne, BP is used for mild
    uncomplicated acne, the odd zit here and there, not severe widespread or
    cystic type acne

  6. u look like that actress from the walking dead the one with a little black
    ponytail !!!! am i the only one?

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  8. I have acne since 2008 and I’m 20 years old. I have tried so many products
    but none of them helped.
    I have never taken pills or something like that because I want to treat my
    skin naturally.
    So, I tried honey with a little bit of lemon and my skin is so clear that I
    cant believe it. I still have some acne scars but the pimples are
    gone.Apply these two on your face 3 or more times a day(for about an hour
    and then rinse) you’ll see the results immidiatelly! Clean your skin
    regularly,remove your make up before sleep,change your pillow cases/sheets
    every 3 days,don’t touch your skin,don’t pop pimples unless your hands are
    clean and only if the pimples are big LOL(after that apply a little bit of
    toothpaste on it and leave it for a while it helps)
    Also,milk is so bad for your skin(true story)try not drinking it even
    though you love it as I do.

  9. How to reduce acne (reduce not get ride off all of it)

    1) Stop drinking unnatural sugar

    2) Stop eating foods that contain a lot of fat

    3) Drink a lot of water

    4) find a acne wash that works for you, don’t waste a lot of money on it
    tho and don’t expect immediate results 

  10. +Rose Wright Acne Drugs And Antibiotics *Can Make Your Acne Worse*. Right
    now my skin is perfectly clear, for the first time in 3 years. It’s been
    about 9 weeks and all my acne is gone. It is such a great feeling to wake
    up with clear skin. :)

  11. Benzyl Peroxide did help clear my skin a few years ago, but i NEED TO WARN
    PEOPLE of the aging effects it has on the skin….. in places where i
    applied a benzyl peroxide cream, my skin looks noticeably older now, I dont
    recommend it…. what worked for me the best was a tablet from the doctor
    called Minocin *SA …… there was also another one called oxy(somethin)
    that made my skin worse, but some work better for different people, ask
    your doctor for it and see which one works best for you, also get your
    hormone levels checked as amajor imbalance in hormones can cause acne…..
    stay away for benzyl peroxide if u dont want to end up lookin 40 when ur

  12. *>The best natural treatment options for your acne, taking into account
    each cause and each trigger*

  13. Please the Acne.org Regimen will cause you to break out LIKE
    CRAZY……please dont fall into this fake bull shit of a story……. Acne
    has to be treated with a HEALTHY DIET, DRINK LOTS OF WATER, LIMIT SUN

  14. +Roxane013>How I Cured My Acne Ex Sufferer reveals secret system For
    Lasting Acne Free Skin hope it helps

  15. +Sara Price Acne is Not OnIy a ProbIem With Your Skin But a *Warning SignaI
    of A Serious Inner lmbalance*. Seven weeks into the program, l had no acne.
    None. l wish I’d had this book ten years ago when acne first showed up in
    my life. l wiII sureIy recommend your program to others. *:)*

  16. If you want to have clear skin my mom told me my 10 years older brother had
    a lots of acne on his skin and now he has like 2 or 3 (he has clear skin
    but you can’t stop pimples to grow ahah) and how he got rid of it-my mom
    used some kind of mask with the thing you put to your bread to rise (i
    think its called germ but dont judge me cause i normally dont speak english
    :)…i hope you know what i mean. And you dont need any proofs im really
    telling you the truth how my brother got rid of it…you can ask your
    docotor for more informations…hope i help you:))
    Amd this is for people with not so many pimles (AND ALSO BLACKHEAD ON YOUR
    I use drugstore products on my skin (3 of it) and it really works for me. I
    have A LOT of blackheads on my nose and just a little bit on my chin. So in
    the night time ( i use it every night because its not that much products
    and im still not wearing makeup amd that kind of stuff that makes your skin
    bad) i first wash my face with the water and then i gently scrub my
    nutrogiena (i dont know if i spelled it right but i think youll get it)
    pink grapefruit every day scrub. And after that i put tonic that works for
    me the best (in my case is anti-mitiser tonic). After that i put my
    mosturizer (also the same mark as my face wash). So i do this 7 days a week
    and it really works for me. So you can try out this metods if ypu
    want…hope i helped you!!:))

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  18. *READ PLEASE*: I’m not approving any new comments on this video so that
    this comment will be the last one. 99% of the questions people ask are
    answered in this video, in the description, in the second part to this
    video and its description, or in my facebook notes. Please make use of
    them! I made this information available to help you, so please use it!!

    DIY skin care you SHOULD try: http://youtu.be/CG6_H5caJ6A
    PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION!! The majority of “what about…”
    questions are answered there, or in facebook notes.

    My notes, which answer MANY of the FAQ’s for this video (like tea tree oil,
    witch hazel, rose water, and the “no poo” method):

    Love you all, but it’s not physically possible for me to individually
    answer questions that get asked repeatedly.

  19. you just saved me from making a face scrub that I saw on youtube that has
    lemon and sugar

  20. Can I mix honey and olive oil together and use it as a face mask and leave
    it on for about 10 min.

  21. I agree with her. I have used many natural recipes from online like baking
    soda, lemon, sugar, apple cider vinegar. Tomatoes is okay. But the rest
    make my face irritated and didn’t have nice effect on my face. Anyways,
    thanks for sharing.

  22. Yes you’re telling the truth! I tried those baking soda and lemon too where
    I had read somewhere online and what they told you is wrong. Now I’m still
    on chemical stuff products (lighter ones for sure) because my skin doesn’t
    get along well too with natural oils. That’s what my skin asking. What can
    I say? I want to go green and natural, but it just won’t suit my skin’s

  23. Hey Veronica! I want to try grapeseed oil as a moisturizer. I have
    sensitive skin and hormonal acne on my chin. I’ve heard it is very good for
    any skin type but just wanted to hear your thoughts on this oil

  24. Hello Veronica, I’m a new subscriber and I was wondering if aspirin was
    good for the skin… Thanks!

  25. 9:15 That point is so right and important to stress! ^^
    So many peope think, that “natural/organic = good for you in every way or
    form” and “synthetic/chemical = bad and toxic”. Which just isn’t true Just
    because something comes from nature and doesn’t have any pesticides or
    insecticides added to it or wasn’t grown using artificial fertilizer
    doesn’t mean it’s non-toxic or good for you. Like you said, nature produces
    many toxins, and in fact some of the strongest poisons known to man are
    produced by plants or animals naturally and connot (as of yet) be
    synthesized. Think of snake or spider venom or the plant toxins you
    And it works the other way around too. Just because something is generated
    by humans in a laboratory doesn’t mean it is harmfull to you. Often, it is
    quite the opposite. People can produce very pure substances – using the
    same mechanisms that occur in nature, but under controlled conditions –
    that we know exactly how the body reacts to them and metabolizes them.
    So “organic = good; synthetic = bad” is a mental shortcut that just doesn’t
    cut it.
    You have to look at it in greater detail. Look at each individual substance
    for what it is, what properties it has, how the body reacts to it and how
    different tissues react to it. And then, what other substances it is mixed
    with (or maybe germs) during the process of its devellopment/production.

  26. The baking soda is totally true, because I remember I used it, I forget
    what for, but I remember just putting it on my face and it irritating me SO
    much, and I have really tough skin, so I was surprised. But I just thought
    that I had done it wrong. Thanks for this video~

  27. Can acne that is hormonal or stress induced be tamed by a good diet & skin
    care routine alone?
    I understand you’re a busy lady but I would greatly appreciate any advice
    you might have to share =)

  28. When i was little my Mon used bath me in baking soda when i had chicken
    pox?? And on the box it said it keeps ur skin soft so im confused

  29. Would using essential oil in lotion, to make it smell good, be fine? Also
    what are some of the safest oils for the skin? I was thinking of making my
    own lotions , but I’m not sure if essential oils are completely fine.

  30. I think the toothpaste idea came from that EpiDuo commercial where someone
    was smearing toothpaste all over her face to get rid of acne and

  31. I fell for the coconut oil hype for oil cleansing/moisturizing. I had done
    so well for years with my acneic skin (with Retin-A/AHA/BHA), but I had
    such good luck with it on my hair, I listened to the internets. OMG. I am
    still, months later, trying to fade the scars from the most horrendous
    breakout of my adult life. Two TCA peels later and they are just starting
    to fade. I warn EVERYONE away from coconut oil on the face.

  32. Would it be okay to use a little toilette to ex foliate my face? Some of
    the scrubs like St. Ives apricot scrub seem like they would be really
    harsh, but im not sure if rubbing with a towel would be any better :

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