Bacteria Might Be the Answer to All Your Skincare Woes

Bacteria Might Be the Reply to All Your Skincare Woes
Other research display that strains of probiotics are powerful acne-fighters — the big plus being that probiotics really hydrate skin, although most acne answers attempt to knock out breakouts by turning your face into the Sahara (searching at you, benzoyl …
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Microbiology: Inflammatory evidence
… that strains of the bacterium Escherichia coli that are associated with urinary tract infections can result in an inflammatory response in the prostate of rodents. And so can Propionibacterium acnes, the bacterium associated with the frequent skin …
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Infections: Hosiery Can Result in Yeast Infections, Acne And UTIs, Say Doctors
Hosiery, a clothing staple for a lot of women, can actually be a breeding ground for bacteria, creating acne, urinary tract infections and even yeast infections, according to the Every day Mail. As colder climate hits, tights, leggings and other synthetic …
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Author: Clear Skin Girl