Basic Men’s Skin Care Routine – Essentials for Healthy Skin

Skin care for males: This is my basic description of a men’s skin care program. Here I describe how to use merchandise that are offered at your neighborhood drugstore that are fairly priced and…

Updated Skin Care Routine - Oily, Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin!

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Author: Clear Skin Girl

50 thoughts on “Basic Men’s Skin Care Routine – Essentials for Healthy Skin

  1. Why is it that some people have perfect skin from the ground up and the
    others have to fucking invest in fighting skin problems?

  2. dude am an asian , a srilankan , so i have a type of oily skin , CAN U
    DAILY USAGE !!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

  3. I hear alot of men say safety razors are great but I tried one and it did
    not give me a close shave

  4. Thank you very much! My father says that these things are all “chemical”
    and that I don’t need to apply them on my skin because I am male. However,
    I think what you are trying to do is great! I will try to apply them on for
    better and healthy skin. Sincerely.

  5. Why would u do the first 2 steps than use the st ives to scrub it all away?
    I don’t get it ?

  6. Omg that shirt is too big for you and wearing that undershirt is not good.
    No disrespect at all. 

  7. Hi Ross, been watching your videos for days now. I just want to ask
    something about my facial skin care. I actually got one facial skin care
    product and its made by a local facial center clinic here in the
    Philippines. Its an anti-acne solution ( a liquid-base), I applied it twice
    a day. This is the only product i use, i dont use any soap to my face or
    any products. Now, I want to change my product because its expensive. Not
    totally change but ,Im thinking im going to use anti-acne solution product
    when i have acne/pimple only. can i use a simple cleanser n my facial daily
    routine, nothing else? is that enough? i just want to avoid pimple/acne.
    hope to hear from you. Dan

  8. I looked this up because I was a little curious as to how guys take care of
    their skin, im impressed I really didn’t know what to expect. I guess its
    cause you knowww I usually see girls (like myself) all worked up about skin
    care. Props to you ^.^ oh and btw you can use rose water as a toner. I do
    that anyway c;

  9. For all those people making negative comments, get your insecure ass outta
    here. If your skin was so perfect, you won’t be searching 4 vids like

  10. how much are u paid? this kind of content marketing has spread really bad.
    no more genuine advises.

  11. I’m a straight man have a girlfriend that I have been dating for 9 months
    now, and she is the one that got me to start taking care of my apparience,
    I’m not gonna lie it was weird at the begining but I see such great results
    that I do it on my own.

  12. So true, man. By the way, rubbing our face with the towel is not only bad
    because of bacterias that can be spread, but mainly because it can cause
    redness and scars that will make our skin look uneven and overall

  13. When I watched this video it was ONLY 312 views. WOW! that is a first. I
    like the old lighting.

  14. i just wash my face and go to sleep! and again when i wake up! on the other
    hand, i don’t wear makeup that much, only for parties and weddings and
    stuff.. well, at 20, i guess i need to start taking care of myself…. i
    love you blair! and this lighting is orange, the older one was perfect.

  15. I like the old lighting better :/ Really nice video, I’m really glad you
    are feeling more confident about your skin! you’re beautiful (:

  16. i like the other lighting waaaay better! i think this lighting ake you look
    more orangy than the other. its so bright and yellow in this. (: Anyways, i
    love you and your videos! i watch every single one! your my #1 role model
    <3 love always<3

  17. i like the other lighting better, this one seems a bit more orange. thank
    you SO SO much for putting this up, i’ve been waiting for it and been so
    excited:) can you put the product prices in the bottom bar? i wanna go buy
    it all! haha:) i’m so happy that you’re loving your skin, someday i hope to
    have mine as nice as yours:)

  18. I think this lighting is good for like vlogs and things like this! But i
    like the other lighting for tutorials, but either way i will still watch
    and always love you & your vids.

  19. im just wondering how u were even allowed to get accutane because i had
    rlly bad acne like severe and they absolutely refused to perscribe me it
    and your doesnt look that bad lol. well thanks for the video im happy for
    you that you love your skin now 🙂

  20. Hey blair! love this video, and this lighting is a teeny weeny bit oranger,
    oh and can you make your watermark bigger? (your watermark is the thing
    that says blairfowler-juicystar07) you are definetly my favorite beauty
    guru 🙂 <333 oh and what nail polish were you wearing? AND were you wearing
    falsies? your lashes look so pretty 🙂

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