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  1. PLEASE READ ME!! The vast majority of your questions have been answered
    already in the video description or in my facebook notes, found here:
    https://www.facebook.com/Gorgeoisie/notes PLEASE READ THEM!! It’s not
    physically possible for me to answer the same questions over and over guys!

  2. You touched on two ingredients that helped me clear up my skin. It’s good
    to hear from a professional that these are good for long-term use. I had a
    terrible breakout a while back and started washing my face with ground
    oatmeal and using cucumber juice as a toner (I made a video about it if you
    want to check it out). I also used fine cornmeal as a scrub (made into a
    paste with milk or water) and an aloe and oatmeal mask a few times a week.
    It took about 6 months for my skin to clear up completely (YAY), but I got
    lazy (BOO). Even so, my skin never returned to the crazy breakout stage.
    I’m back on track using liquefied African back soap (with a little honey
    and a drop of tea tree and lemongrass oil) in the evening (and to remove
    makeup), and oatmeal or just water in the morning. I am trying to
    introduce shea butter to seal moisture into my skin. I use an itsy bitsy
    dab and rub it in to my face and neck. I’ve been having a hard time
    finding a natural moisturizer so this is what I am doing until I land a
    good one. I’ve watched a few of your videos tonight and I’m so grateful
    for the wealth of information you are sharing. Thank you! 

  3. Coconut oil is antimicrobial and its also among the few natural oils that
    skin can actually absorb, so I’m surprised it is advised against in this
    video for people with oily skin. I would think the antimicrobial (ie:
    antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, all in one) properties could
    handle human sebum and blocked pores. But who knows! We are what we eat, so
    I guess it’s possible for someone to have super mutant sebum that organic,
    cold pressed coconut oil can’t penetrate. 

  4. So I just watched your previous video and then this one and I am just
    shocked. Here I thought I was doing a good job of not using store bought
    products and using baking soda for my cleanser, ACV for my toner and CO as
    my daily moisturizer. Oy! So, what’s the best option for cleansing and
    moisturizing dry skin??

  5. I am at a loss. I mean when I turned 20 my skin broke out like wauw.
    Instead of 1 to 3 small zits I used to get when I was a teenager it went to
    a lot of huge bumps and scars that just came up out of nowhere. I tried a
    lot, a lot. Literally a lot. And I figured it must had something to do with
    my diet. So I had myself tested on foods. Turns out I am over sensitive for
    Tomato, Fruits with the big pit/seed, apple, all nuts except almonds and
    hazelnut, caffeine, cacao, pig, all sorts of cheese.. and some more…
    I tried to avoid these and that wasn’t as hard since I never really ate any
    of them until one year ago. I tried to change my diet, less chocolate more
    healthy fruits and such. Yeah that went wrong. I ate more apple, used apple
    cider vinegar on my face and drank one glass a day, ate apple syrup,
    included avocado in my meals etc etc.
    even tho I quit eating all of that now my skin isn’t getting any better.
    Moreover I ate curry salad about a week ago and my skin produced quite some
    huge red marks which are slowly turning into zits. The same with other
    stuff I tried to include in my diet.
    I have no idea what I am doing wrong, and as for skincare I clean my skin
    with tea tree oil… But I don’t want to continue with that since it isn’t
    improving and it only makes my skin feel dry and rough. Besides that I
    tried out a hydrating toner which didn’t turn out that well. It broke me
    out. After that I switched to natural products that were produced with
    fruits and no fregrance or any other chemical stuff… But that isn’t
    improving my skin either. It feels just as rough, dry and oily as before.

    Now I came across your video I really wonder how you are doing this? You
    said you are allergic to quite some things, how do you avoid that and
    replace those for things you can eat but also like? And how do you choose
    the things to clean your face with that won’t break you out, and will
    actually improve your skin complexion?
    I am really having a hard time with trying things out, nothing seems to
    work 0.0

  6. Please answer.

    I went on your Facebook page to look up the questions to make sure I
    wouldn’t be repeating anything.
    Do you have any suggestions for a all natural facial cleanser that would
    not clog pores? My pores get clogged easily.

    I know about the rice water but have not used it yet, I’ve used honey with
    water before and rubbed it in and it broke me out, so do you have a video
    for what you would suggest to be a good, effective facial cleanser? 

  7. Hi! I love your videos, however, I thought you should know that there is a
    very serious downside to using aspirin at all if you are anemic (which I
    am) or are a hemophiliac because Aspirin is a blood thinner so if you
    happen to have these medical conditions, it can keep your blood from
    clotting when it needs to so you could bleed out as well as get really weak
    from the anemia. My doctor has instructed me to avoid aspirin at all costs,
    even on the skin, as it can make my anemia worse. So, just thought you
    should know :)

  8. Hmm. Very interesting video. Skin care is so important, and this is
    useful for anyone. Thanks!

  9. Loove your videos! =)
    I have really sensitive combo skin that doesn’t like anything synthetic so
    I’ve had to go organic; 99,9% pure aloe vera for eye area and jojoba for
    the rest of the face for night time, in the daytime I use an organic rose
    cream plus my own eye cream (1 part jojoba, emulsified with 5 parts aloe
    vera). As a toner, I use rose water. For exfoliation I do either honey and
    semolina or honey and clay. I leave the honey on for 5-10 mins so I get the
    full benefits of a mask at the same time. I also use aloe vera instead of
    shampoo and jojoba&argan oils for conditioner nowadays, it’s helped my
    crazy scalp get back in line. I use so little money on my beauty products
    these days and I keep getting told I look 5-10 yrs younger than my age that
    I must be doing something right!

  10. am thinking of following a recopy for a bath bomb and it includes corn
    starch and CITRIC ACID, I am concerned if this may have a negative effect
    on my skin. 

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  12. What about green tea, rice water/flour, natural carbonated mineral water,
    turmeric and saltwater?

  13. You pretty much confirmed everything I knew is good!!! So happy:) I’m
    making my own lotion and it’s amazing and to hear the ingredients I use is
    good makes my heart so extremely happy!!

  14. Great to find some no-nonsense advice on what to use for DIY skincare. It’s
    hard to push through all the bullshit online (you know the type:
    Chemophobia all around, a lot of ignorance and a basis in pseudoscience)
    and actually get to someone who – knows – what they are talking about.
    Thanks a lot. I personally have eczema caused by a dustmite allergy and it
    affects my face and upper body. I’ve done everything in my might to
    minimize my exposure, but it doesn’t remove the problem completely. I’ve
    tried Aveeno’s products because they do not have parabens in them (99% of
    skincare products do, my skin reacts like crazy to methyl- propyl- etc,
    rash within the hour). Their products didn’t cause rashes and actually
    helped to a degree. Because they use colloidal oatmeal, I got the idea to
    try oatmeal baths (just some rolled oats in an old sock, soak in the hot
    bath water for a while and voila). It works wonderfully! Unfortunately I
    don’t always have the time to take long baths (It needs 20 minutes or more
    to work), so I was thinking I could try and make my own moisturizer with a
    higher concentration of oatmeal than Aveeno can offer me. Hopefully with a
    bit more research and experimenting, I can find the perfect recipe :)

  15. I think you’re right to be wary of soy. It’s… iffy, especially when it
    comes to the endocrine system.

  16. Whenever I put banana on my face, afterwards it looks and feels very good.
    Thank you for information you are giving us.

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