Face mapping: What is your acne telling you?

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Author: Clear Skin Girl

50 thoughts on “Face mapping: What is your acne telling you?

  1. Hello people. Can anyone of you suggest me any proven acne treatment? My 12
    years old daughter has big acne… She has tried a lot of methods and
    treatments but nothing really worked in her case. Moreover, her skin is
    getting more worse everyday. If anyone knows good acne treatment, please
    reply asap! Thanks in advance 

  2. Omg,this is spot on. I have had horrible digestions problems lately and
    pimples have been appearing on my forehead :0 I will definitely look into
    this more!

  3. Ance is actually mostly caused by dirt and oily-like substances. This video
    is basically saying “You get acne cuz ur depressed and have a lot of
    stress. Also stop eating you fat fuck”. 

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  5. I only have acne on the sides of my chin, jaw line, and sides of my neck. I
    know for a fact it’s hormonal because I’m a health nut. How do you get rid
    of hormonal acne???

  6. This entire video: CITATION PLEASE. Without evidence, all of this is about
    as pointless as astrology.

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  9. This is false. Basically this is backing up the theory that acne is caused
    by what you eat when it’s not. She doesn’t know what she is talking about.
    Also, just because research says something it doesn’t mean it is true. Acne
    is caused by dirt in your face ok. 

  10. The amount of people saying “wash your face that’s all you need to do” and
    “it’s only caused by dirt getting into your pores” is too damn high.
    Ignorance is bliss isn’t? Anyways for people who are misinformed or who
    have never had HORMONAL acne let me break it down for you. First off, yes
    not washing your face is going cause some spots here and there but,
    hormonal acne works differently. Hormonal acne could be caused by your
    genetics, or you’re in that pre teen or teenage state. It’s when your body
    says “screw you I’m going to produce a hell lot more androgens” and those
    hormones called androgen cause acne. So no matter how many times you wash
    your face it not going to help the problem internally. This is when you
    decide to take oral medications or try straight up benzoyl peroxide ( I do
    not suggest benzoyl peroxide for people with sensitive skin it will make
    your face a lot worse). A popular oral medication for treating acne that I
    went on was called accutane. I also highly don’t recommend accutane
    it.will.mess.you.up. ( they say only 1% of people get these problems from
    accutane *cough* *cough* the number lies) How I got rid of my hormonal acne
    was not from washing my face twice a day because trust me I did that. I
    spent 5 horrible months on accutane, a year later my acne came back and now
    I’m using benzoyle peroxide, glycolic acid, and moisturizer. This regimen I
    have been using has kept my skin clear and amazing. I saw my horrible acne
    gone after 8 weeks with those products. Of course though if you get your
    acne back after accutane it’ll make it less severe than when you originally
    had it but I still oppose to that treatment. Sorry that I didn’t go that in
    depth on how hormonal acne works, but I’ll gladly explain it for anyone
    curious or who thinks they are suffering from it. 

  11. calling so much bullshit on this. how would smoking cause you to
    specifically break out only on your right cheek? just total nonsense.

  12. I eat healthy, drink water and so on, but I still have acne like all over
    my face? Maybe it is because of the stress, I believe that, but the map
    isn’t always true.

  13. um upper forhead, lower forhead, side of head,side of nose,side of
    cheek………..yup fast food OUT. coffe OUT.cola OUT.i havn’t got a bath
    only a shower soo yea DX

  14. This is a general video about traditional Chinese medicine. It ISN’T
    scientific, ISN’T a tutorial, ISN’T a panacea, she’s NOT a dermatologist
    and for people who’s acne issues have changed over time, it’s advice won’t
    be consistent for everyone. To expect anything different from a simple
    youtube video is your own fault (like it’s my fault for expecting youtube
    comments to be reasonable).

    The GENERAL comment about eating foods low in excess fats and drinking
    enough water and avoiding excess sugar are all things that are recommended
    anyway for optimal health. And if you still have issues, you should consult
    a doctor, not a youtube video. 

  15. Reading the comments below, sheesh! Is quite ironic that THESE people
    would scroff at this vid, but believe washing your face due to ‘dust and
    dirt’ is the only solution to cure acne. What a narrow minded view!.

    Look I’m not saying this vid is the one way ticket in solving your
    problems. But there are many factors involving acne problems. And this vids
    does holds some truth to it. For example I have some bad acne due to
    irregular slepping patterns like the video indicated. And when I slept
    early my acne had decreased .

    Another example is my friend, who only had one or two pimples during her
    teens and adulthood years, was quite stressed because of her job so she had
    tons of acne everywhere on her face down to her neck. After she quit her
    job her face went back to normal.

    Pimples also could be from genetics, hormones fluctuations, bad lifestyle
    and eating habits, and of course, dust and dirt. Look, is all right to be
    skeptical , this is Youtube after all, but you can not dismiss everything
    in sight and have a ‘ one shoe fits all’ outlook. Approach things with
    different angles. Everybody have different circumstances.

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  17. the video says that one of the causes of pimples in chin area is due to
    hormonal imbalance… what are the causes for hormonal imbalance besides
    the obvious reasons of puberty, stress, and diet? and how to fix them?

  18. This video is amazing! It is spot on! I have to admit I was skeptical at
    first about this video, but not anymore. I have never suffered from acne on
    my chin and lower jaw area, but since going on this new birth control that
    changed my menstrual cycle and caused hormonal changes totally broke me out
    in that area. I am amazed at how on point this was. Thank you for this
    amazing video. It is eye opening.

  19. What if pimples come out on my back? And my legs? I used to take accutane
    but… I’m not sure if the problem of acne isn’t coming back… :(

  20. I’m 55 and experienced terrible acne in my youth and still had trouble the
    rest of my life. I still struggle a bit. I don’t have the perfect cure, but
    I can tell you what helped.
    Number one was surfing. The sun and saltwater did wonders for my skin.
    2. Bleach! Bleaching my clothes and changing clothes often helped a lot. I
    wore 2 or 3 fresh T-Shirts a day. A fresh T-Shirt to bed as well. Add some
    Dawn Dishwashing soap to your clothes washer as well. It helps to remove
    the oil from your clothes.
    3. When drying off from a shower, I never rubbed my skin with the towel. I
    only patted my skin dry. The rubbing smears the oil and bacteria around and
    creates more pimples.
    4. A fresh pillow case before bed. I tried to use more than one pillow
    through the night as well.
    5. Lots and lots of water! Rest and vitamins as well. A strong immune
    system helps!
    6. Try to never touch a pimple, or even your skin. Fingers are just
    terrible bacteria spreaders. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap
    several times a day.
    7. Use a good scrub brush in the shower. One that hurts a bit, and use a
    lot of antibacterial soap with it.
    8. Keep your hair off your skin. Hair just spreads that bacteria around.
    9. When I began to shave my face my acne problem got much better. I believe
    the hot water and shaving cream helped to lift the bacteria from my pores.
    10. I’m using a facial scrub now that is doing miracles. It’s called Pre
    Shave Nivea For Men Revitalizing Face Scrub. I use it just once a week and
    it’s amazing. Benzoyl Peroxide never helped me at all.
    Lastly I want to warn against using Accutane. My girlfriend used it and she
    now has Crohn’s disease. It’s destroyed her life permanently. 

  21. +mam *Thank you so much!! Thanks for sharing me that wonderful program …My
    skin shines and looks vibrant. Dryness gone, cysts gone, blackheads gone,
    acnes gone and I feel fantastic!*

  22. In my experience, the only things that really work are benzoyl peroxide and
    Accutane. Benzoyl peroxide will severely stain all of your clothes if
    you’re not careful, though. I spent years avoiding Accutane because I was
    afraid of the side effects, but eventually went on it. In retrospect, I
    probably should have just gone on Accutane earlier. 

  23. I need a answer plzzzz!!!! Im 14 will i get acne? How do u get it? Plz tell
    me so i can prevent it

  24. This was an amazing and informative very informative video. Thank you.
    You’ve changed my perspective and helped educate me on my acne. Reduce
    plugging reduce inflammation got it :)

  25. The only thing that truly worked to get rid of my acne was liver
    cleansing!!!! First, I used an herbal tea called ‘daily detox’, and as long
    as I drank the tea, my acne went away; however, later I started doing liver
    flushes which has cleared my acne without having to resort to the tea! I
    hope this helps! :)

  26. @Meefy
    Same as me man around 13, 14 is when i first got it. An I’m 16 an still got
    it. An I know 16 is like the middle age of a teen an that’s when it gets
    the worst but still it used to come an go an now it’s just always looking
    the same no matter what. Like I get so tired of seeing it there. Like just
    imagine the last time u had clear skin when u were12 an now you’ve had acne
    around u for about 4 or 5 yrs straight fucking sucks. Makes u look dirty
    too. Try everything I could do from eating healthy to trying out proactive.
    Think clearisal works better though. But yeah I might have it my whole
    fucking life an that just stressed me out thinking that. 

  27. i’ve had on and off issues with acne. i’m currently starting to develop
    more acne again because of stress which causes my hormonal levels to get
    out of whack. stress and sleep, i’ve found, are the two things that do the
    most damage. (I also eat well and healthily 99% of the time.. I’ve cut junk
    food and fried food out of my diet. Dairy too.)

  28. *What is the Best Way to Treat Acne?* Dr. Mike Evans is founder of the
    Health Design Lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate
    Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of
    Toronto, and a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital.

  29. I used to have mild breakouts during the menstrual cycle period, but I used
    2% Salicylic acid and 2% benzoyl peroxide products from Neutrogena and they
    work really well on removing as well as preventing my acne. Now I rarely
    get acne even with makeup, perhaps this is because of my routine
    facial-care: I use sunblock, hydrating gels, acne face wash etc and my
    eating habits: low cholesterol and non-greasy food. I love the video, thank

  30. salicylic acid is not for real acne, it’ll just lightly dry your skin. This
    video is to inform those with real acne.

  31. True,IF the milk products are pasteurized.Only milk products that don`t
    cause acne are the ones, that are NOT pasteurized.

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