25 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Forehead Acne! Tips and Results!

  1. I’m 12, I never get acne on my checks is that normal? One of my “used to
    be friends has acne all over her checks and she’s popular. She’s the same
    age as me. 

  2. I struggle so much with forehead acne (as well as some on my cheek area),
    so this was such a useful video, and I also have learned to just love all
    of my imperfections on my face, which has made me more confident. Do you
    ever get acne around the cheeks? If you do, PLEASE do a video on that, or
    any other acne video would be so helpful as well! I love your overall
    personality and your videos!

  3. Any tips on how to exercise in North Dakota with -32 degrees weather any
    love ur video 

  4. I’m 11 and struggle with very bad forehead acne people stop and stare then
    run away laughing 

  5. not wearing moisturizer is going to make your face age even quicker :/ you
    really should be using one every day….you can definitely find one that
    won’t break you out.

  6. Sarah you are so beautiful and encouraging and wonderful! Thank you for
    sharing your tips!

  7. I drink a lot of water, dat very healthy and I sport at least 3 times a
    week… But still have acne. I hate it

  8. Cut down your sugar intake! That’s is what I did. My acnes on my Jaw and
    around my jaw are almost completely gone. Sugar, especially refined sugar
    can increases your hormone level and can make you hormones wild. Google it
    😉 I found this video very helpful btw! Thanks for sharing your tips Sarah!

  9. Sarah! I took your tips and my forehead is now clear 🙂 BUT now I have
    spots on my chin 🙁 it’s not that bad but I wish I knew how to cure it..

  10. I literally took notes from this video haha. You look incredible Sarah, and
    that’s certainly a reflection of your passion of fitness and nutrition.

  11. I break out because of most moisturizers as well, but the Clinique moisture
    surge is the only thing that has worked for me! It doesn’t irritate my skin
    or cause any redness either!! Lots of love xx

  12. I have forehead acne however, I heard that forehead acne was caused by
    stress? I’m just wondering if it’s both? 

  13. I am vegan and gluten free, I eat fruit and veg on a daily basis. I
    exercise regularly. I also drink tons of water. I have tried everything for
    my acne, but I cannot for the life of me get rid of forehead acne (it is
    concentrated on the area just above my eyebrows). The rest of my face is
    mostly clear. I’ve been on prescriptions meds, changed my diet, changed my
    facewash, changed my makeup. Nothing seems to work. Feelin like I dont know
    what else there is to do.

  14. i’m 13 and i have a moderate acne all over my face and the heaviest on the
    forehead, but i’ve scratched them all and eventually they have be become
    scars, will it work for me too?

  15. Do You Want To Cure Your Acne But Don’t Know Which Treatment Is Right For
    You Due To Information Overload? Try HEREPA. com 

  16. Very conservative amounts of coconut oil can work as an amaaaaaaazing
    moisturizer. It has antibacterial properties!

  17. The hardest thing with acne is not the acne itself but all the changes we
    have to make in our lifestyle and habits to really let our skin be it’s
    healthiest. From the food we eat, our exercising habits, our skincare
    habits. Just TOO much to change at once, that makes me feel overwhelmed.

    Which is why I started a Skin Care Challenge tag. You pick just ONE goal or
    challenge for the week to bring you closer towards clearer skin, and it can
    be ANYTHING you feel is important for your skin. That way you can make good
    skin care habits, get acne-free skin without giving up from having to do
    too much.

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