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Author: Clear Skin Girl


  1. My acne used to concern me a lot since I’ve got to spend lots of money
    make up things to conceal it.

  2. I discovered a few months ago that flaxseed is great for balancing
    hormones. I ground up 3 teaspoons and add it to my yogurt. along with
    Primrose oil pills that helps with hormones fluctuations. I wish I knew
    this stuff 10 years ago. I have been on the pill for about 4 years now, I
    would like yo see how I do without it but, unfortunately my hormonal
    unbalances affect my sleep. so going off of the pill could make my sleeping
    problems worse. my farther’s side oof the family has had it bad with acne.
    I hope some of this information might help those who need it.

  3. This is not a regular video, I felt you talking to me on a deeper level and
    how much you really want to help. I really need this kind of support thank
    you so much. I really appreciate it, my skin breaks out during ny finals or
    any new event in my life which is not easy to adopt with, it’s painful ,it
    hurts when I try to sleep in my side and makes everything worse. 

  4. Thanks for your video Tiffany! You have a wonderful energy and you share
    some great tips! Am wondering if you have any videos that more specifically
    speak to how to balance hormones? Seems the food you recommend is more
    about the vitamins/antioxidants and not neccesarily about balancing
    hormones.. thanks! <3

  5. My grandmother always told me that dark chocolate keeps you looking young
    due the antioxidants in dark chocolate. Good semi-healthy cheat treat!

  6. thx you so much info in yr videos im gona start of with some big changes in
    my life i didnt know the pill can help acne wow and bluberrys im gona eat
    alot of the daily lol keep them videos rolling girl just found yr video and
    subbed 2 yr channel also

  7. I’m 37 and currently struggling with cystic acne. The breakouts started
    after I began then STOPPED the Rodan & Fields regimen…because it was too
    expensive. I am so depressed about my face and hate looking in the mirror.
    I have more acne than my 17 year old son…who plays sports! Something
    isn’t right about that. Thank you for the information and I will begin to
    try harder to follow your advice. 

  8. Drink at LEAST 2 litres of water a day. If you’re a taller/bigger girl,
    drink more. Drink drink drink. It will make such a big difference.

  9. Geez this woman is gorgeous!! She must be talking about Accutane. It
    worked, but it made me nuts too..lol

  10. This was a terrific video! Some new things I learned, other knowledge
    reinforced. Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. I had lot of pimples all over my face + excessive oiling for two years ://
    I have tried Accutane, regimen and none of them worked for me as good as
    acne rezoner. everyone who has problems like I had should definetely give
    it a try. wish you good luck with fighting acne ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  13. Observing the ugly acne spread out everywhere on my face is absolutely
    annoying and stressful. I couldn’t stop myself popping them but it
    certainly makes the problem much worse.

  14. I know you said no dairy, so is it okay to have almond milk instead? I use
    it in my smoothies in the morning to help keep me full!

  15. just wanted to mention that I was struggling with major breakouts that I
    could NOT clear up for the life of me. but started using apple cider
    vinegar (natural, unfiltered) & water (1 part vin to 3 parts water) shake &
    apply with a cotton ball several x/day. it cleared me up completely.

  16. Sorry but Birth Control Pills are not harmful for your body, and many
    people go on them (just as you did) to control there acne.

  17. You possibly can gain back smooth skin yet be attractive as you wish to
    using natural medication

  18. You’re able to heal acne yourself using organic method, and you’ll start to
    see the result in less than 1 week

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  20. Question: What about women that do everything right? The right products,
    etc… DR Answer: You Then have to BUY an acne line! That doesn’t answer
    the question for me, because in the question is implied that this random
    woman has already bought an acne line that allegedly is going to save her
    skin but she still has problems!

  21. @happymimi16 Hi there. I agree you need to address diet and lifestyle, but
    some people actually do work hard to be healthy and still break out. If
    that’s the case, then they might need topical help as well. I think
    sometimes you need both.

  22. My life was messed up because of acne for countless years. I did shut
    myself away because of the problem. I made use of all kinds of things I was
    able to obtain, however it failed. Subsequently I got word of the Acne
    Executioner web page (Google it) and my acne breakouts disappeared. It’s
    different but I like looking in the mirror for the first time.

  23. Birth control helped me get rid a lot of my acne, but I always had
    breakouts around my period. On my chin mostly, witch Ive heard heard are
    hormonal. I tested a lot of products mostly with salicylic acid, tee tree
    oil, but every month I would get new pimples even though I washed every
    day. Few months ago I started using Proactive series, and its the only
    thing that has helped me! My skin is moist fresh and pimple/acne free!

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    website called LENITO.COM This website has tons of information, remedies,
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  25. @sunshineegirl3567 You know, Dr. Evans said she used to battle adult acne
    too! Hard to imagine when you see how pretty her skin looks now. 🙂

  26. HEREPA.com – Holistic Acne Treatment I now have a clear face and I am no
    longer down because of my skin problems.

  27. @jeharsy You know, I actually was trying to get an answer from her that
    went further than that and off camera we talked about how it really comes
    down to each woman and what the issue is. I had a talk with Dr. Howard
    Murad the other day too and he made a good point in saying it’s not just
    what you’re doing to your skin, but how you’re living and what you’re
    eating. He really talks about making sure you’re hydrated inside and out.
    I’m sure he has a website, you should check it out.

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    their products a try to show how good they are. Have you ever seen the skin
    care section set-up in your neighbourhood shopping plaza offering free
    samples? Well you must check out this website that will send free samples
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    here bit.ly/18Q28hJ?v=nefcy

  29. @VeronicaSwe Hi there. Yup..it sounds like the same thing a lot of us go
    through. And a lot of people do swear by Proactiv. Thanks for sharing with
    us. 🙂

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