How I Cleared My Skin! | Updated Skin Care Routine

Read Ahead of YOU Inquire PLEASE 🙂 ☟☟☟ TIME Manual: :00 – three:28 ➾ Historical past and background of my skin (just before picture) three:28 – eleven:14 ➾ very first one/two of video – three actions …

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25 thoughts on “How I Cleared My Skin! | Updated Skin Care Routine

  1. I tried the whole not popping my pimples thing, but I found with the really
    big ones the scar ends up worse than it would have been if I popped it

  2. I honestly think that it has nothing to do with your skincare routine or
    lifestyle change. You grew out of your teen years. Turning 20 could be the
    reason your skin is suddenly more clear. 

  3. I really enjoyed your vid! I usually wash my face twice as well and never
    once did it even cross my mind to use some kind of face brush/scrubber spin
    brush thing?lol…so definitely going to give that a try and I also
    recommend face steaming like once a week…that gives instant results.
    Super easy just boiled water in a large bowl or pot, put your face over top
    with a towel over you so all the steam is getting on ya face (look for face
    steaming on wiki it gives u step by step guide) for like 10-15mins, skin
    feels amazing after…i normally follow with a clay mask but so easy for
    anybody to do from home and i swear your skin looks clearer after just make
    sure your face is clean before steaming but yeah rant over :)

  4. You talk so fast that i didnt even know what this video was about? What did
    you do to clear it. be more specific and don’t take so long. Sorry. But I
    don’t like watching videos that are too long

  5. Without makeup you are gorgeous! You have that natural beauty that everyone
    strives for. So love it and own it! :)

  6. I have acne and I can’t even stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore.
    I feel so disgusting and I don’t know what to do anymore. Nothing seems to
    be working for me and it’s making me feel hopeless. I use to have clear
    skin about a year ago and all of a sudden it just started popping out and
    hasn’t gone away. I’m always so embarrassed when I’m at school and I feel
    like all anyone does is look at my acne. I really hope some of these
    products help. 

  7. I stumbled upon your videos when i was looking at school kits and i used to
    have bad skin when i was in middle school . i have the clarisonic mia 2 and
    it is amazing . i got it with a full size bottle of the cleanser and i also
    use tarte and clinique . if you invest jn good products you will have
    amazing results. I also have the tria 4x laser hair removal and they also
    have a laser acne device and runs about $600 maybe $800 but they are
    amazing . my clarisonic mia 2 was 130 and my laser hair removal device was
    475 . if you buy good things and you will see good results

  8. I have noticed I breakout right around my period, other than that my skin
    is very clear. So I don’t think topical products are going to help me.

  9. Can someone please tell me what might be wrong with my skin? I have BIG
    pimples/zits on my forehead in between my eye brows and I’ve had them for a
    LONG time and I wash my face every morning and night and always scrub
    really good but they will not go away. I’ve tried home remedies but they
    always just make them bigger so can someone please help me? Thanks! Loved
    the video!!! 

  10. it doen’t matter that your cleanser has acne figthing ingredients, because
    you wash it off, and it’s only on your face for a really short time. The
    cleanser should just be gentle, and without fragrance. The products who
    stays on your skin (spot treatments) can figth acne with acne figthing
    ingredients because it is on your face for a really long time.

  11. For those that have acne and can’t find anything that will help, I
    recommend acutane, or the brand that’s similar, absorica. You get it from
    your dermatologist. I tried a lot of things. And even the things she’s
    saying. I never slept with makeup, or anything. I even tried proactiv at
    one point but my face become immune and it stopped working. Ask your
    dermatologist about acutane or absorica. Watch some videos on it

  12. this has helped so much!!!! i’m definitely going to invest on some of these
    products. Your amazing! Thanks xx

  13. My skin wasn’t even that bad until I started using skin care treatments….
    Don’t know if my skin got worse because I’m a teenager or because of the
    treatments and stress :/ so frustrating.

  14. for those who cannot afford clarisonic brushes etc … you can use a
    toothbrush its pretty much the same. i use it on my skin with a cleanser
    and it works perfectly fine. make sure you wash your face twice. morning
    and night. and always wear a moistririzer!!! and of course never pop or
    touch your face

  15. You should be using SPF in the winter too…the sun’s rays are still
    powerful all year round and they can penetrate clouds. 

  16. did you use anything to help with your acne scarring? I have scars from my
    acne and I just want to know if anything helped you.

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