How I’m Curing My Adult Acne | My Skincare Routine and Products

How I'm Curing My Adult Acne | My Skincare Routine and Products

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25 thoughts on “How I’m Curing My Adult Acne | My Skincare Routine and Products

  1. Xsilvenx,I agree with you. Some of these people who are doing tests, they
    need to test a variety of people from various environments and ethnicities
    for at lest 2 years then have something to say, in my opinion. I’ve had
    sensitive skin issues since way before I can even spell skin. It got worse
    with changing of climate and it’s getting worse with age. my sensitive skin
    has given me such a headache over the years and even the cost me to have
    OCD when I was in my teens into my early thirties. I always have to keep
    washing my hands before I touch my face its a pain in the neck then one day
    finding out I have adult acne which is so crazy because I have tried so
    many things to do I stop trying things and just wash my face with water and
    stay in the house when it gets real bad. The dermatologist gave me samples
    of CeraVe and epiduo, but they are really expensive so it’s hard to keep up
    with them. As for my body, I can’t find the right lotion I’m experimenting
    from one to the next for every 6 to 9 months and some for year, now I’m
    using ointments from the dermatologist along with the lotion to see if
    those would help because I get very itchy and I scratch until you can see
    red marks all over them. If you have any videos on caring for sensitive
    skin and the body in general that will help me big time thank you. God

  2. The amount of articles I’ve read that claim touching your face doesn’t
    cause acne are insane, especially when you realize that it’s such bullshit.
    I’ve been living with adult acne for 7 nears and I’ve noticed on
    innumerable occasions, wherever I touch my face, or if my face touches a
    not-so-clean pillow while sleeping, I’ll break out there.

    Also, for anyone interested, I found this:,en_US,pd.html

  3. Hi, here I was searching for someone to subscribe to that has the same skin
    problem as I have and suddenly there this popped up you and I couldn’t
    believe it I was just us to you all this time watching you here and not
    knowing that you had the acne skin problem adult acne skin problem so I’m
    glad you did this video and I found it so it’s very helpful for me thank
    you very much. God bless.a

  4. Thank you, I have similar skin and plagued with adult acne too. I
    appreciate you taking the time to make this video.
    Which doesn’t help that my skin is hyper pigmented and scars easily.

  5. when i had proactive, and it did take the imperfections and stuff away –
    BUT, if i were to stop using it, everything re-appeared. it’s as if i had
    been putting makeup on. isn’t it supposed to repair your skin? Now, I
    always have to question these skin health products because i don’t want it
    to work like makeup. – i want it to REPAIR my skin. ya know? thanks for the

  6. It sounds like you may have eczema as well by the way you describe your
    skin as being extreme combination. I have had it since I was eight and have
    had all of my go to products turn on me at some point during my life. I
    recently moved to a new state and I am gong through the process of finding
    all new products.

  7. I have had moderate acne off and on for like 10 years (currently 26). Tried
    everything, even accutane which worked for 3 years then it came back… I
    started researching last month on youtube and came across this girl while
    had a similar story to mine. Her boy friend told her to only use water to
    wash her face. Apparently our faces have a natural acid mantel that
    protects it frm the outside elements and keeps the ph level of the face
    regular so we will naturally have clear skin. Less is more. We should not
    have to try or work hard to have clear skin. When we use cleansers, toners,
    even moturizers we upset the ph balance of the face which actually causes
    breakouts. I stopped using anything but water on my face for two weeks and
    its almost completely clear. Amazing 🙂 people call it the caveman

  8. Boiling bay leaves for 10 mins and letting them steep for an hour work
    great too! Cured my baby’s acne and now I’m using it.

  9. There are only 3 methods to clean pimple breakouts: unclog pores, destroy
    harmful bacteria, and lessen oil… unfortunately, most people don’t
    understand or know the way to do correctly

  10. I love Lush! I’v had acne for 20 years and in the 6 months since I’ve been
    using Lush facial products my skin has cleared up significantly. I also
    drink lots of water and avoid touching my face if at all possible.

  11. Thank you so much for recommending these products!!! Tried them this
    weekend and my skin calmed down a lot!! Finally something that works…
    thank you!!!

  12. the cure for acne is fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of water daily
    so your topical cure is really not a cure at all. it starts on the inside,
    if the inside is not right your outside wont be either

  13. *Pure argan rain argan oil is widely used for getting rid of acne.This help
    to reduce the acne on the face and back*. 

  14. It’s still surprise me just how a lot of people have no idea about
    Acnezilax Secrets (just google it) despite the fact that lots of people
    cure their acne naturally with it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me
    about this. I’ve break free from acne.


  16. Hi! Have you thought about – Masket Amazing Acne Cure (do a search on
    google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got
    incredible results with it. 

  17. Girrrrl, I’ve been using this trio for about a month now, along with a
    couple of scripts, & I really see a difference! Thanks for the info! We
    appreciate you!

  18. the solution to acne is changing the way you eat! what goes into your body
    causes the acne, it matters more than the topical products that you use.
    So if your not eating right, then the topical products wont work and the
    acne will not go away

  19. Thanks for your video, its really helpful. I am gonna try bare escen. Just
    stopped in the store and got the products, my skin is very similar to yours

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