24 thoughts on “How To: Get Rid of Acne! (+ MY SKIN SECRET)

  1. Honestly, you’re one of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen in my whole
    life. And this video really helped me have a better look of what I was
    doing right and what I needed to improve on with my skin, this was a really
    big help! ☺

  2. Ok I really watched this hole video usually I skip all those annoying
    boring videos but you got me and I didn’t skip this your amazing thank you 

  3. wtf I love your face omg and you are literally the only person I’ve ever
    seen that looks reallllyyyy good in braces

  4. Completely unrelated to acne, but what lipstick are you wearing? It’s
    absolutely gorgeous

  5. I don’t have acne I just have pimples of different sizes on my forehead and
    temples. And sometimes on my chin. I HATE IT! I try to wash my face 2 times
    a day to get rid of it but it never goes away. Can you please help me with
    this? I think it’s because I don’t drink enough water as I should and I
    don’t eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (I do eat them btw).. I just don’t
    know what to do since I want to get rid of every single pimple on my face
    in time for school to start again in AUGUST. Please please please help me??
    I’ve tried everything!! 

  6. You ( and your hair ) are SOOO gorgeous! ♥ Youre such an inspiration ♥
    Thanks so much for the tips, tutorials, and everything else! ♥

  7. What I have is not bacne. The tip you had for it, worked well. But every
    time I itch or touch my back I feel little bumps all over that itch like
    H€LL! I think the only reason why its there is because when I was younger I
    got dragged on my back and ended up getting rug burn. It hurts real bad if
    you experienced that before. But I believe that tip helped me clear up my
    bacne and what’s left is just little bumps that you can’t see but it
    bothers me. Btw I love your videos and your so gorgeous!

  8. hi I am 10 and I have a horrible thing going on my nose it has blackheads
    and whiteheads and a big pimple on it italso has dots invisible from 4 away
    but looking closely at it makes me wanna suicide myself pleassseeee help me
    what 2 do I tried using baking soda but it doesn’t work!!!!!! :(

  9. I use Clearasil. I use the soap in the morning and the cream at night is
    this good? +Luhhsettyxo Please respond 

  10. You are so beautiful!! I hope to be as gorgeous as you one day 🙂 my acne
    isn’t horrible but I was wondering about the tretinoid, do you have to have
    a prescription? And does it only work for certain skin types? Finally is it
    a spot treatment or for your whole face? Love you gurl <3

  11. omfg I died when I heard girls at the start!!!! and i love your videos so
    much! x

  12. Love how u talk because of ur braces. Really cute. And than for the tips

  13. YOU ARE SO PRETTTYYY!!! Like omg i feel so ugly now! Lmaao but you are
    soooo preeettyy!!! 

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