HOW TO: Get Rid of Acne Scars & Pimples!

HOW TO: Get Rid of Acne Scars & Pimples!

Here are my Leading five Suggestions on how to get rid of acne scars and pimples. These are acne fighting suggestions the place you’ll learn every thing from acne skin care goods t… I break down the prime foods you must be consuming and supplements you must be taking to get rid of acne. I also cover the greatest encounter washes t…
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50 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get Rid of Acne Scars & Pimples!

  1. I hate my skin so much. I have acne scars, pimples, blackheads and
    whiteheads. I will never ever have a beautiful skin, I will just be ugly
    for the rest of my life. 

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  3. I’ve never heard of the one with the warm towel. I’ll definitely try it!!
    Thank you for all your wonderful tips! I’m really glad I found your
    channel! I hope you’re having a lovely day! :)

  4. I like to put a ice cube for about 3 ms or so once I come home from school
    and that really shrinks the pimple. Then I wash my face then before I go to
    bed a take a a towel /cloth and I add warm water and I keep it there for
    about 10- 15 min. Then I put some non gel tooth paste over night and my
    pimple should be gone

  5. i used to have flawless skin, and now i keep breaking out and i have scars
    Not to many but before i would go out without any makeup and my skin was so
    nice that people couldn’t believe i had no makeup
    This is sooooo horrible to me, i will try all your tips and anything i can
    to get rid of them and have my perfect skin again (:

  6. I used to have a lot of pimples. Now I use apple cider vinegar mixed with
    water. I just mix it in a bottle (half water, half apple cider vinegar). At
    first, i clean my face with a warm towel, after that i take a cotton ball
    with the apple cider vinegar mix and it work SO WELL 😀 You need to try
    this. Also a lot of videos about it here on youtube!!

  7. Soaking your face in a bowl of sea salt water for 20 minutes , 3-4 times a
    week (really warm water) helps get rid of my scars and reduce the redness

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  12. This video is so nice but I think she should have spoken about the biggest
    community which is healing from acne. Many of us are recovering the self –

  13. Something that I do is steam my face 1-2 times a week (keep over boiling
    hot water for 5-10 minutes) and then apply a clay face mask (I use the
    Indian healing clay). On a daily basis I dabb some tea tree oli on my
    blemishes, and all of this makes a HUGE difference in my skin 🙂 As natural
    as possible is the way to go! :D

  14. Dryness gone, cysts gone, blackheads gone and I feel fantastic. Definitely
    recommend HEREPA. com

  15. i’v never had a pimple, i’v had zits but not pimples, the difference is
    that zits dont pop, it sucks!

  16. i definitely love you soooo much. You are soooo pretttyyyyy and bright! i
    love you

  17. Might get the clearisl tomorrow>~< I don't wanna use all meh moneh for acne things!!! I want to get rid of my acne before 2nd semester and I only have 2 more days to get rid of it!!

  18. Your eyes looks so scary 😀 bec of the round lights. And btw why do you
    blink so much?

  19. I break down the top foods you should be eating and supplements you should
    be taking to get rid of acne FOREVER!
    #healthyliving #naturalremedies #naturalcures #fridayfun 

  20. I believe I found my cure…..Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Intermittent
    fasting. Finally no Cystic acne in 2 months. I have lowered my gluten

  21. For Real? He demonizes sugar and fruit and 2 min later he promotes refined
    sugar like berry syrup and honey… If you wanna get rid of acne and other
    skin issues eat a wholeplantbased vegan diet especially a lot of fruits to
    get your lymphsytem filterd by your KIDNEYS again and not your skin and
    start detoxing through hydration. You dont need any supplememnts or
    isolates and all those proteins and dead rotten animal tissues will give
    you strokes cancer heartdiseases. Check out the China study, forks over
    knives, Dr. Neal Barnard, RobertMorseND,John Mc Dougall, Loren Lockman.
    Every cell runs on glucose, no pro athlete is eating a high fat protein
    diet and supplements with honey or coffe and shit. Fruits for the win,
    stick to he foods nature desingend for us, eat a whole food plantbased diet
    for health and vitality – FOR A LIFETIME! =)

  22. coconut oil has more saturated fats than lard. Better remove almost all the
    oils out of your diet.

  23. But i’m confused. Cow milk is bad, has several bad chemicals for us, growth
    hormone and yada yada yada… But yogurt is good ? But doesn’t it come from
    cow milk which is bad? What’s the explanation then? Oo

  24. Good tips. Also drink lots of water!! For my son dairy was a huge factor as
    well. When he eliminates that it makes a huge difference. 

  25. Hey man,

    I don’t think you quite realise how valuable the information is that you
    have shared with us. I’m sure you’ve got a book or product to sell, and I’m
    keen to have a look, but I just wanted to thank you for not just leaving us
    with a cliffhanger or a dollar bill on a fishing line. It’s a really good
    thing you’ve done here, and on behalf of all acne sufferers, we are all
    thankful for the time you put into making this video.



  26. Lowering fruit? Why? You need fruit to fuel your body. All you need to do
    is get rid of meat and dairy; the inflammatory food. Reduce oils and
    refined sugar (singlehandedly). You can put sugar in smoothies because it
    doesn’t have the same insulin spike that causes acne. In other words turn
    vegan and get rid of the fat. Low fat, high carb vegan diets work. 

  27. Taking flax oil and evening primrose oil together will balance your
    hormonal production and vastly improve your skin as well.

  28. In the beginning you listed 3 foods to get rid of, I think you should add
    milk/dairy products to that list.

  29. Heyy !! Does oat makes you break out? because i know that it can be mixed
    with stuff that contains gluten it in the process and gluten can irritate
    your guts and that is no good if you have acne right? Do you use gluten
    free oat or organic oat? Hope you answer

  30. I haven’t watched the whole video yet so he may mention it, but putting
    coconut oil on my skin really helped me 🙂 

  31. Im 12 and i have acne. I cant quit eat sugar! I want too , but my parents
    say i cant go on a diet

  32. Misinformation!
    I had acne for 5 years and cleared it with fruit! Fruitarian diet heals
    all. I’ve never felt better.

  33. Hey Dr. Axe,
    Would you recommend oil cleansing method for people like me who suffer from
    acne? I have read in detail that ocm helps to balance the natural facial
    oil unlike chemical products available on the market that absorb the oil
    from the face and lead the skin to produce more oil. I’d love to hear your
    opinion on this.
    Thanks a lot for all the information you’re giving.

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  35. No sugars, no dairy, no greasy foods & even fruits! wth am i going supposed
    to eat?

  36. Dr. Axe, I LOVE this video. I think everything you said rings so true!!! I
    am currently going through making many of the changes you suggested but I
    am still struggling. I think underlying candida has been my issue I have a
    long history of doctors throwing me antibiotics for everything. If you
    would be so kind I am having the hardest time figuring this out. About 8
    months ago I made drastic changes to my diet cutting out gluten, all
    grains dairy, and sugar (albeit with the occasional cheat like gluten free
    oatmeal or tortilla chips) the reason why is I was trying to work with an
    autoimmune issue I have, but after about a month or two on the new diet my
    acne started reappearing which I hadn’t seen much of since I was around 19
    (I’m 31 now). My acne primarily hits my forehead around the temples and is
    really rough. I’ve been eating healthy for 8 months now, been taking
    probiotics for most of that time, do you think the candida is still to
    blame? I have just started a candida cleanse 3 days ago taking Diflucan and
    about 30 billion probiotics twice daily. Do you have an idea why my acne
    would get WORSE after changing my diet? Is candida still the culprit?

  37. Hi Dr. Axe can you explain to me ” whether is bad or good consuming egg
    while suffer from acne?

  38. Hello I am a 24 year old woman. I have been suffering from persistent acne
    for almost two years now. I never really had a huge problem with acne
    until recently after getting on and off birth control. The bad bacteria in
    my body makes the most sense. I feeel like I have tried everything and
    until now did not understand what was going on. I will give this a shot i
    just went to wholefoods and spend $150 on supplements and some veggies. But
    i just don’t know how i am going to replace things like butter for bread
    and pancakes, syrup, ketchup, snacks and cereal.??? Thanks for this info I
    really hope this helps, this problem is really dragging me down bad.

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