23 thoughts on “HOW TO : GET RID OF ACNE & SCARS

  1. Hello people. Can anyone of you suggest me any proven acne treatment? My 12
    years old daughter has big acne… She has tried a lot of methods and
    treatments but nothing really worked in her case. Moreover, her skin is
    getting more worse everyday. If anyone knows good acne treatment, please
    reply asap! Thanks in advance :)))

  2. I have the retin cream in a 25% is that high or low lol cause you said the
    1% was powerful so I’m confused

  3. hey I purchased retin a from the seller on ebay. i started to use the .1%
    gel and found it to be too drying. so I purchased the .05% cream in order
    to start out slow and work my way up. within the first 3 days i notice my
    face had a glow. I had minimal peeling only on spots not the whole face. I
    did notice now after 2 weeks my pores are clogging. scars are fading but my
    pores are clogging. do you get that way. i read that the cream can do that
    to you. has that happened to you? do you know where i can get a lower
    strength in the gel form? any help will do. (fyi- my clogged pores arent
    pimples theyre like black heads like what you get on your nose but theyre
    on my chin) +ItsMyRayeRaye SORRY SO LONG!!!

  4. hi yal i use BRAGGS apple cider vinegar with THE MOTHER. i drink it in
    water.. apply it topically on a paper towel morning and night. This trick
    alone should help any acne sufferer’s because it helped me!. Now I have the
    scars from cystic acne 🙁 but microderermabrasion and derma roller has been
    helping foe that. anyways godbless eevveryone

  5. What moisturizer do you use and when do you cleanse with the cetaphil and
    when with the tea tree cleanser? Also, where/what site did you purchase the
    rentin a?

  6. Hello! Your video is very helpfull since I saw it I realized why my skin
    was so dry. I want to know, when do you use the Bodyshop foaming cleanser
    and the Cetaphyl? One in the morning the other in the evening? Thanks! Have
    e nice day!

  7. Okay, so I have light/mild acne scars on my face. And I’m trying to get rid
    of the last of them. I have used everything. And let me say that some of
    those products have worked and faded my acne scars, but they are still
    there. I want smooth, clear skin. I have sensitive skin as well, so I like
    that these face washes aren’t harsh on skin. I have been hearing about the
    retin a for some time, and wasn’t sure if it was just another cream that
    would just let me down… but I have seen your results and I am willing to
    try it. I don’t really have much to loose. I am like a jump and skip away
    from having my beautiful skin back!! So, here goes nothing. Thanks for this
    amazing video. Oh and by the way, what was the first facial wash you were
    using??? What does that do for your face? 

  8. I used to have really bad acne until I started using coconut oil. I know it
    sounds weird but it really works and its cheap. Just massage a tiny amount
    on your whole face after washing it. The result is amazing! my skin feels
    so soft and is acne free. Its also 100% natural! You will actually know
    what you are putting on your skin. You have to try it!

  9. Has anyone else been able to find the retin-A? I’m not sure if my primary
    doctor will give me a prescription for it, and a referral to a
    dermatologist would costing way more than the bottle of Retin A is worth. 

  10. Just wanna say to anyone struggling with acne, especially in the forehead
    and chin area, check for food intolerances! I found out i was lactose
    intolerant and by decreasing my dairy intake, my skin improved quite a lot

  11. Do you suggest putting that retinal all over your face or just in the spots
    you need it? 

  12. I just got my retin a .05% I believe it is. Omg I’m. In the peeling stage
    so far it’s not too bad. Thank goodness. But I already feel my face being
    happier. Thank you for helping me discover this magic potion lol . 

  13. I used to use tazorac in .1% my question is does it matter the name of it?
    Cause I noticed all your bottles say tretinoin. Are these the same thing?
    im confused…

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