How to Use An Aloe Vera Plant For Skin Care

Everyone should keep an Aloe Vera plant in their bathroom! My Blog: Twitter:!/daniellezavala Fa…

What Saved My Skin | Skin Care Favorites!

Remember guys, every skin type is different so remember to be patient! I hope some of the things i mentioned work for you the way they did for me 🙂 Thanks f…
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50 thoughts on “How to Use An Aloe Vera Plant For Skin Care

  1. I agree. There’s something about her that’s very relaxing. It’s kinda like
    a God given gift. I think she would be a great doctor because of that.

  2. Great informative video. They say honey is also a great antibacterial :]

  3. I became your fan 😛 😀 XD someone told me Girls are too much dependent on
    cosmetics // chemical in chemical out But … You are praising sustainable
    Natural Resources your Husband is really going to be a lucky person 😉

  4. Great video. Do you know the difference between Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera

  5. you can do whatever you want with it. Just put it in a bottle, put a cap on
    it and use it later. Its the equivalent of using medicines stored in your
    bathroom at room temp.

  6. opps hit the wrong key!!! So i looked it up an found you, i watched your
    video an learned so much more!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME I CAN’T WAIT TO

  7. yes, aloe vera is a super helper on our skin, I love it, and BIG thanks 4
    ur video 😉

  8. can I use the left over gel in the fridge and use it again? You said put
    the leaf in the fridge. What about the leftover gel?

  9. waw thank u for answerin i will see this on internet. i have a jasmin
    essential oil but i dont know if i can mix it wiz my cream. plus is it good
    to put oil on our skin b4 sleepin??last question how old r u?? u have a
    very beautiful skin, maybe its coz of the masks u use??

  10. How long does it take the cut on the plant to heal after you slice off a

  11. You look like a cross between Ingrid Nilsen and Bethany Mota!

    Everyone probably tells you that, though.

  12. thank you so much this helped me a lot because I have acne prone skin and i
    break out a lot this helped you should do more of these types of videos

  13. I always get breakouts during my period, but always on my chin area. I
    spent so much on skin care to prevent it, in the end Kiehls and Clinique
    are the only skin care products that keep my skin clear.

    I’m a big believer in spending a lot more money on high end skin care
    products as they work. But I do have to recommend Simple skin care
    products, they’re incredible

  14. Great video! You are glowing in your videos recently and now we know why!
    🙂 I’m a Lush fan myself… completely changed my skin.

  15. Yea she really does look like ingrid nilsen.. I thought she was ingrid
    until i’ve seen the name.. Hehe both beautiful

  16. I don’t know why but when I turned 25, I had breakouts and my periods
    became so irregular so I’m guessing it’s hormones and stress. I’m gonna
    avoid dairy and try the Clean and Clear stuff 🙂 Thank you!

  17. started with really bad acne in high school, currently 25 and it is still
    really bad! tried most stuff from doctors and been told now the last option
    is injections (don’t think so somehow) so really hoping some of these tips
    might give me a bit of a break!

  18. The new life she’s living with Patrick is not helping her skin at all,
    she’s so beautiful but her skin is not good right now, her Vlogmas series
    really showed that. Women change their routines and lives when they get a
    man, to keep them and please them, sad but true.

  19. if bethany and ingrid had a baby it would look like you haha ! 🙂 great
    video by the way ! 

  20. The mario bardescu spot treatment is literally just alcohol & calamine
    lotion. Can easily be made at home for way less! 

  21. My skin doesn’t get full out blemishes, but a few pimples and acne spots.
    What saved me is the Deep Clean Neutrogena (if thats how u spell it idk),
    Acne Stress Control (exfoliator, toner, and foam wash. Neutrogena). Then I
    use the Clearasil spot remover and Clinique acne solution gel :)

  22. your skin type is just like mine 🙂 and your hair texture seems similar too
    from other videos . this really helped:)

  23. This helped me so much I have really bad acne and I wash my face in the
    morning and night and I put on an acne medicine that on found at target and
    it kind of works but I found out that the acne was from my hormones so I
    needed something stronger and over the years my acne as scared so I needed
    something that was going to brighten my face and get Reid if the blackheads
    under my skin from the acne that had disappeared but left some scars:) 

  24. You’re so right about the dairy. it’s inflammatory because it causes an
    inflammed response to the milk, since i mean, it’s meant for cows, not
    humans. however, tess, you shouldve done some some research on the birth
    control. you shouldve known that i coulve caused problems for you and it
    puts your hormones out of whack. im pretty sure you dont even get a real
    period with birth control. it was of course, going to make your hormones
    overproduce once you were off the birth control.

  25. when your room used the clean and clear morning burst did it make her scars
    go away?

  26. Tess <3 You are a wonderful person for buying less/no dairy products. I
    know it wasn't your original motivation for this, but if you do a little
    research you'll find how cruel the dairy industry actually is (you would
    have no idea I don't blame you). You're doing something good for your
    health and mother cows and their babies. You go!! :)

  27. I love how she explains everything so well, like I really understand why it
    works and why she uses it..

  28. Neutrogena Pore Minimizer, Noxema Original Deep Cleansing Cream and Pond’s
    Face Moisturizer.

  29. I recently bought the Clairsonic Mia 2. It’s seriously the best machine I
    have ever used, I experienced the same breakouts for what it sounds like
    the same reason. I’ve never seen my skin so clear and glowing before in my
    entire life. The Clairsonic is extremely pricey but is definitely worth the
    money if you are experiencing issues! 

  30. I would really recommend OrganicYou products.
    they’re prery good for your skin & they’re organic.
    The coffee scrubs are amazing.

    check it out girls,

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