My Body Care Routine

I ought to also note that underarm darkness can be caused by a assortment of factors, such as: stubble from shaving (try out waxing/plucking), a reaction to antipersp…

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49 thoughts on “My Body Care Routine

  1. I have been neglecting my own health I need to take good care of my body if
    I don’t I will regret it later, but I am that kind of person who starts
    something but off and on I used to go jogging almost every single freaking
    morning, but I no longer do it as I should

  2. Wtf? Is up with your voice? You always start off talking with this annoying
    high pitched voice then you go straight away into this croaky weird thing
    (like u can’t breathe) then u end up trying too hard and dragging this
    strange croaky thing. Sorry but it’s true. Just listen to this video again
    and you will see. 

  3. @thesecretsofkat — keep in mind that for some people, like myself,
    prolonged use of Cetaphil can actually dry out your skin.

  4. You didn’t write what deoderant! I work out almost everyday and I dance and
    I’m very active. I’ve noticed that I do sweat more now than I did before
    and my deoderant doesn’t last very long and I’m in high school so I kinda
    need one that does haha

  5. “Do you really want your armpits to smell like a fuzzy peach?” hahha word.

  6. not related to the video, but do you colour your hair? if yes, what brand
    and colour do you use?:)

  7. i mix my own moisturizer ..i take nivea smooth sensation lotion …and use
    my fav victioria sec. lotion to it..and add body oil to it…and mix it
    up…then i test it..maybe adding the victorias sec lotion until i get the
    right smell i want..with the added body makes my skin feel silky in
    no time

  8. @PandaBaby51 Sometimes it’s permanent. It’s actually a permanent reduction
    of hair. I am a skin care specialist. And that is what I learned. I did
    laser and it permanent removed hair but everyone is different.

  9. @spaceanduniverse27 A lot of asians tend to get these little skin bumps,
    its actually a skin type many of us have. It could also just be ingrown
    hairs, id try gentle exfoliation and yes moisturizing, I think it would
    help quite a bit 🙂

  10. I got laser hair removal and its sooooooo cost effective. I love it but it
    is painful.

  11. @Spad3y actually the way many deodorants work is that they either stop the
    perspiration or they kill/inactivate bacteria. Putting it on wet wont allow
    the bacteria to grow more, but it may hamper your deodorant’s effectiveness
    because I dont think deodorant will adhere as well to wet skin

  12. what is the deodorant name that you use? you did not list it the info box.

  13. cetaphil is super good! non scented n good for ppl with sensitive skin n
    cheap too! at the drugstore 🙂 i use it all the time! i also use cetaphil’s
    facial cleansing thing

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  15. Michael Todd products….why am i not surprised she mentioned these
    These videos has become pretty ads for companies but more devious 

    – 2 Uncoded aspirins pulverized (aspirin contains salicylic acid)
    -add a bit of water to create a paste
    -add some raw or even reg. Store bought honey
    – use twice a week , leave 20 min. On face and wash out with warm water..
    …gently dap your face with a smooth towel to dry

    this is natural and inexpensive and it works.

  17. My acne used to annoy me a lot since I had to limit my choice whendeciding
    on my outfits.

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    How To Clear Acne Fast

  19. if you can spead money on makeup, and clothes. why not go to a spa and get
    a facial for $30 for 30 min. 

  20. It’s actually not the easy feeling getting ugly acne, particularly when it
    is on your face. You just feel horrible anddiscomforting.

  21. +AnnieJaffrey the green tea scrub should be left on the affected area for a
    couple of minutes in order to calm the redness of your face
    this is so the salicylic acid can take effect :)

  22. You can actually heal acne yourself by using organic method, and you’ll see
    the result in only 7 days

  23. This is so helpful!!
    Thanks so much for all the awesome tips. Your skin is so flawless.
    This is my first time watching your videos and I absolutely fell in love
    with your videos.
    Some of the products I use already and loved so much.
    I’ll try other products that you recommended. Thanks!

  24. Hi Annie, For the pore cleanser, you told it has benzyl pyr and salycic
    acid. i heard that if your skin is oily and th ecleanser has those
    ingredients your skin will produse more oil …??

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