25 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Acne – Nobody’s Perfect

  1. I’m a 12/13 pre-teen, and I’m basically the only person in my grade with
    acne. I always feel terrible throughout the day because my self-confidence
    is so low. I feel like my friends always talk behind my back, and I’m so
    sick of it. I was wondering if anyone could help with any face washes or
    something like that for a girl my age? Thank you.

  2. Can anyone suggest any shop-bought products that help in any way? At the
    moment I am trying literally anything, mostly natural products and its
    helping a little bit but i still have very vivid scars and bad break-outs.
    I dont really want to go on antibiotics unless I can’t find anything else.
    I have had pretty bad acne for a few years now and it really gets me down.
    I hate wearing make up and i only wear it when I have to – going out for
    meals ext… Any help would be so gratefully received. Thank you for the
    advice on this video as well it really helped 🙂 xxxx

  3. could you kindly check my video maybe give me some tips:) and subscribe if
    possible …. i am new x

  4. I have mild acne but it still makes me really self conscious and affects my
    confidence but your advice has really helped,thankyou x

  5. I cried all through this video because I’m 13 going through what you did,
    sounds pathetic but it really is a spot on video, thanks so much your
    extremely brave for telling your story xx

  6. My acnes pretty bad but it’s not bright red, surprisingly it was worse in
    primary(quite early, year4ish!) I wasn’t bullied but once I was called
    spotface. This was really helpful and mostly inspiring <3

  7. I’ve got really bad acne but I’m really surprised and happy at the fact no
    ones said anything about me! 

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  9. I had “Spots” at the end of year 3, and im now 13 nearly 14 I don’t get
    bullied but I got called “Pimple face” in Intermediate a couple of
    times but in the end I just said that I don’t care and asked them if that
    was the only insult they got

  10. I subscribed to a girl who takes those medicine and it started out worse
    and slowly getter better 

  11. most people get acne I got it but it’s not too much. I got it quite early
    in my life

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  13. Is the foamy thing aknemycin? Does it work? I recently got it from my go
    and it seems to work for the first few days. Then it gradually got worst.
    People say it gets worse before it gets better. Will it really get better?

  14. Thankyou! I literally love you, your soo pretty as you seem just like me
    hahah, even though I’m so much younger haha x I have spots but not as bad
    as you had, it really helped me when u said things about confidence and
    stuff haha thankyou!

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