How to Get Rid of Acne – Dr. Kimberly Bowman

Organic Acne Cure: Every little thing dermatologists will not want you to know! Discover how to get rid of acne now, permanently, without the use of pricey lotions,…

Following many years of testing ways to clear my blemishes, I Lastly came up with a) what was triggering the acne spots b) easy actions to clearing my skin (& hopefully yours as well!) for Great! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE…
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50 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Acne – Dr. Kimberly Bowman

  1. This video looks like she’s dressed up as a doctor in front of a green
    screen, and the link could contain a virus… I don’t trust this… But I’m
    just suspicious

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  3. >> Today,l don’t get any new breakoust; my skin looks younger,brighter and
    smoother after less than 7 weeks >>

  4. 1. I know probably all of you girls on here would think I cant live without
    makeup… but makeup causes acne so use less makeup then you usually use
    cause all makeup has lots and lots of oil in it.

  5. I’ve never had acne in my teen years but now that Im 20 im currently
    suffering from acne it started two years ago and has been getting worse.

  6. clay masks are great, organic is always better! Eating healthy (fruits,
    veggies & water) is very important too! Good video! 🙂 

  7. Hello people, can anyone of you suggest me good acne treatment for my 12
    years old son? He has big problems with acne… He has tried a lot of
    methods and treatments to cure his acne but nothing really worked.
    Moreover, his acne are getting worse everday. If anyone knows good, proven
    acne treatment, please reply!
    Thanks in advance 

  8. Great tips! I definitely change my pillow cases and that helps a lot! :)

  9. Ok, so I have tried every method including the one in this video and I need
    some help. I only have moderate acne, but it has really inhibited my social
    life as well as my mental health. I use a topical and oral antibiotic for
    my acne, I eat a totally anti-acne diet, consume or do nothing that could
    be related to acne, get acne-removing facials at the spa weekly, have
    received laser treatment, and use a sauna as often as possible. This has
    done nothing, and my acne has remained as tough as socially debilitating as
    usual. All the doctors I have consulted believe my acne isn’t severe enough
    for the use of accutane or other products like it, but I just don’t know
    what to do! Please, I need some sort of suggestion, I accept any option.

    EDIT: I also do use acne face masks, never touch my face, use blackhead
    removal tools, and drink nothing other than water.

  10. first time watching your channel i was like she is probably 17 and you said
    HUSBAND and i was like ????????? what thfufcik ?

  11. do you find that after a while some of the steps don’t work, or your skin
    becomes immune to them?

  12. I’m 20 now and have had (mild) acne since I was 13 its so frustrating!
    Thanks for your video :)

  13. My absolute favorite moisturizer is Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream. It’s the
    only lotion that never stung or burned my skin when it was at its most
    sensitive state (when I was on a benzoyl peroxide gel treatment along with
    another creme.) so it’s the only thing I will never stop using on my face.
    Plus, it doesn’t ever seem to cause any breakouts so that’s good too lol.

  14. >>>Today, I don’t get any new breakouts; my skin looks younger, brighter
    and smoother after less than 7 weeks…..>>>

  15. Oh my god, there is this little girl named Sarah in 4th grade at the
    elementary school I go to for girl scouts (i’m a cadete, we have meetings
    at the elementary school) and the poor thing has acne. I cant imagine
    having acne at such a young age, i just wish there was a way i could take a
    wipe of some sort and take the acne off her face and put it on mine (I am
    extremely lucky to have mostly clear skin).

  16. The hardest thing with acne is not the acne itself but all the changes we
    have to make in our lifestyle and habits to really let our skin be it’s
    healthiest. From the food we eat, our exercising habits, our skincare
    habits. Just TOO much to change at once, that makes me feel overwhelmed.

    Which is why I started a Skin Care Challenge tag. You pick just ONE goal or
    challenge for the week to bring you closer towards clearer skin, and it can
    be ANYTHING you feel is important for your skin. That way you can make good
    skin care habits, get acne-free skin without giving up from having to do
    too much.

  17. the biggest thing that has helped my skin so far has been changing up my
    diet! I always ignored people who said that junk food causes acne, but when
    I decided to start eating healthier I soon noticed a huge difference. It’s
    hard to commit to eating healthy, but it’s made so much of a change that I
    think I’m going to stick with it.

  18. Im 11 and ive had acne I guess you could say since a year ago. Im
    african-american and it annoys me because my mom never helps and I always
    ask her but everything she says never works. When I first wash my face its
    pretty aand then I put on my moisturizer which is homemade its shea butter
    pretty much and my face is dark and shiny and the bumps come back thoughout
    the day plus my skin is super dark and I dont like that especially in
    pictures (( im mixed so im a little bit light but ive never been this dark
    until I got acne )) I remember before I went to summer camp I had pretty
    skin, no bumps on my forehead or cheeck bones, chin, and nose, thats where
    I have it but its mostly visible on my forehead and checkbones and
    occasional bumps on my chin or nose. Ive tried proactive but I stopped
    since that never really worked but thats the only thing ive ever really
    used, I use a soap from a health food store my mom goes and its almonds
    butter. My friends have pretty skin and they always talk about how I have
    bumps on my forehead like im blind and cant see them. Im really sad cause
    not to long ago my face was perfect!!! Im sad and I need help but my mom
    wont take me to see a doctor.

  19. I 100% recommend “Beautra Cares Vanishing Face Wash!” Most amazing Acne
    product ever and a great face wash!! I swear by this product! It’s removed
    my terrible acne in just 14 days!

  20. acne is such bullshit tried everything, its only on ONE SIDE of my face (I
    dont sleep on that side either or rest my hand on it) any ideas> just

  21. Acne definitely sucks, but, on the bright side, I also gained a lot of
    skincare information in the process. I guess my skin will thank me later:)

  22. +Roxane013>How I Cured My Acne Ex Sufferer reveals secret system
    For Lasting Acne Free Skin hope it helps

  23. What the heck? All you people have been suffering from acne since like 21,
    and I’m over here suffering since I was like 9. :(

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