How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight! (Guaranteed less acne)

How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight! (Guaranteed less acne)

How to get rid of acne overnight! (Assured significantly less acne): Can this get 10000 likes for much less acne?? Click me for my last Video➜ Also wat…
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25 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight! (Guaranteed less acne)

  1. Is no one else wondering WHY there are peacocks in her driveway ?? like is
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  2. i rarely get acne but when i do it’s like in the most obvious place of my
    face and it stays for months so i hope this works lol

  3. Hello people. Can anyone of you suggest me any proven acne treatment? My 12
    years old daughter has big acne… She has tried a lot of methods and
    treatments but nothing really worked in her case. Moreover, her skin is
    getting more worse everyday. If anyone knows good acne treatment, please
    reply asap! Thanks in advance 

  4. >>How I Cured My Acne Ex Sufferer reveals secret system For Lasting Acne
    Free Skin hope it helps>>

  5. >>How I Cured My Acne Ex Sufferer reveals secret system For Lasting Acne
    Free Skin hope it helps>>>

  6. I’m pissed off at my mom and dad! They always pop the motherfucking acne
    and pimples off my face! I told them it would probably spread all over, but
    they don’t listen to shit I say. -_- they do it almost everyday so I need
    to get rid of it before my parents make it worse and I start getting made
    fun of at school.


  8. You waste so much water with the steaming method. 🙁 Why dont you just fill
    a freaking bowl with boiling water.

  9. I have never had acne or pimples ever. I think it’s because I take care of
    my face and I don’t eat sweets I am vegetarian and I just drink water every
    day. I tried soda once and it was disgusting.

  10. i didn’t have acne when i was 13-14. i thought i was just lucky but
    no…i’m 15 now and i have so much acne on my forehead and cheeks. the
    weird thing is, is that i have dry skin and i don’t know how i got i mean
    one of the reasons i might of got it is because i wear makeup but its not
    like i put a lot of it. i just need to know whats causing it. i have tried
    a lot of acne treatments and most of them would just make it worse. like
    wtf is wrong with my face??? can someone plz help me with this problem.

  11. I have some Acne I want to get rid of. Where can I buy some type of
    treatment that works?

  12. i have a dance this friday… i have bad back acne and i have a strapless
    dress…. What do i do!!!!!!

  13. Okay so I have acne but it’s under the skin acne which makes it extremely
    difficult to get rid of it as it just won’t come to surface, has anyone go
    any tips or advice? Thanks 

  14. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! so i had acne for about 2 years and it wouldn’t go away.
    My peadritrian subscribed me to use an acne medecine called benzoyl
    peroxide but it didn’t go away. I started looking up on YouTube how to get
    rid of acne fast and your video popped up and i did your method. it
    actually took me 6 days until my acne cleared up and my face felt so much
    cleaner and less oily all thanks to you Rachel :)

  15. where do u live that ur able to have peacocks near ur house????? 😮 😛 🙂
    😀 not that i don’t like peacocks its just crazy to have them near ur house

  16. aloe vera gel is probably the best solution to acne. i tried toothpaste
    however, I got a lot of rash because I left it overnight. Leave it on for
    2/3 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I rarely have acne… some black and whiteheads here and there, but in the
    last two days i suddenly got 3 postules(zits) in my forehead and some
    blindspots too… wich method works the best for them? 

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