How to Get Rid of Acne Painlessly

How to Get Rid of Acne Painlessly

Derma RF Soft Plasma Peel is a superficial to mid-dermis Plasma peel resurfacing therapy that can be employed to deal with acne and wrinkles, as effectively as tighten and reshape facial contours.

Remedy approach:

A therapist initial cleanses the patient’s face prior to the treatment. Then, Dr Christine Cheng rubs a glass probe all in excess of the patient’s encounter, focusing on the regions with pimples. There is a slight heat emitted but the remedy feels quite comfy. Upon closer inspection, you can see a faint purple light from the ionisation of Nitrogen into Plasma. This blasts off the superficial dead cells on the patient’s skin. This RF transmission penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and converts to heat, and this heat is employed to quickly tighten the skin. Dr Christine Cheng tops off the skin-rejuvenating remedy with a blast of Oxyjet ($ a hundred further), created up of a cocktail of skin-loving oxygen, nutritional vitamins and minerals to additional soothe the patient’s skin.

In accordance to Dr Christine Cheng, this therapy will take away the leading surface of the skin painlessly and sterilise the bacteria underneath the skin to management the patient’s acne breakout. It will also near the pores, tighten the skin and impart radiance to the complexion. Different probes for deeper RF energy, penetration and heating are utilized for lifting and collagen stimulation. For challenging cystic/pustular acne, Dr Christine Cheng will want to use the lifting mode to dry from deeper within (costs $ 1500 for 5 sessions). Fantastic for acne-sufferers who are on a budget as the Derma RF is about thirty % less expensive than laser treatment options. Ideal portion? It has no downtime and the treatment method approach is painless.


There was a marked improvement in the look of patient’s angry red pimples which have been really obvious at the beginning. The patient’s encounter also looked far more refined and honest. Patient also mentioned that her face looked and stayed matte compared to her typical out-of-control oily complexion. According to Dr Christine Cheng, the Derma RF can cure even the worst acne, but repeat treatment options, each 3 to four weeks is suggested for ideal results.

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Author: Clear Skin Girl