24 thoughts on “HOW-TO Get Rid of Blackheads & Acne Scars


    Use a VITAMIN C serum! Paula’s Choice has one! It’s PROVEN to be effective.

  2. Seriously, she’s only suggesting it. Besides a lot of people do what she’s
    doing and it’s a tip, she’s not saying do this or you won’t have beautiful
    skin. Some of you people are over reacting way too much.

  3. YES lemons can help your skin at the moment you’re using it. But in the
    future you’re gonna see consequences with your skin – no matter your
    skintype. Guys, just use other soothing, natural things for your acne such
    as extra virgin oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, clay and manukah honey. 

  4. Haha love all the doctors watching this video. Everyone’s skin is
    different. Therefore everyone will have a different reaction. Lemon juice
    isn’t bad if you use it once or twice per week at night. She didn’t say
    anywhere in the video that you HAVE to do what she’s doing. She’s simply
    sharing what she does that helps HER. You all need to calm the heck down
    and breathe. 

  5. Please.. NOBODY listen to this advice. Lemons are AWFUL for your skin and
    cause more long term damage than good. The juice is irritating, and leads
    to hyper pigmentation over time and messes with skin’s natural barrier. Ask
    any dermatologist… I can’t believe she is spewing this misinformation to
    all her impressionable viewers… disgusting.

  6. If you dont like the tip, then simply dont do it. No need to act like
    witches to defend what you believe. If you are dumb enough to try something
    on your face without doing thorough research, then its your fault. Whether
    she wrong or not, no one deserves to be spoken to or treated the way you
    guys are treating her. Seriously some of you are so judgemental. All the
    make up tips In the girl couldn’t make you all pretty!!!

  7. Ok whoa. Hi, dakotah here! I’m a licensed esthetician and I gotta say,
    that’s great that this method is working for you.. But open comedomes are a
    sign of dehydration and too many harsh treatments such as exfoliating every
    day or using harsh chemicals too often. Lemon juice on your skin??? Omg,
    pls check with your dermatologist or regular esthetician before you try
    this!! 9 times out of 10 if you have lots of blackheads you need to HYDRATE
    so all that gunk in your pores can ease it’s way out. Still love you!! Been
    watching your channel for years and years 

  8. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT SKIN. This may work for some people and may not work
    for others. As for me, it took away redness on my face. You don’t need to
    bash her for a video she made, if you don’t like it or if you disagree
    there’s an X button on your screen for a reason 

  9. No no no no no! Lemon is so bad for your skin guys! D:
    The pH is way to low for your skin, thats’s why it stings when it’s on your
    face and ends up irritating it, drying it and makes it photosensitive.
    No matter how you try to look at it, dry irritated skin will not help any
    acne or acne scars, in fact, it tends to make it worse. You’ll just make
    yourself very uncomfortable until you manage to get your skin back to
    Photosensitivity doesn’t mean you’ll look bad in photos, it means and
    sunlight(or simulated sunlight) can potentially CAUSE hyperpimentation on
    already even toned skin and make existing dark marks even darker.
    There are much safer and cheaper ways to lighten scars.

    (on a side note: physical exfoliation(scrubs, micro beads, brushes) is very
    easily overdone, and can potential cause damage to your healthy skin if
    done too roughly or too often. Limit this to once or twice a week)

  10. My skin is weird I have no blackheads no whiteheads only acne and my skin
    type is combination/normal , lemons are the worst for people with
    combination skin , I hope I’m not the only one with this skin type

  11. Haha you accidentally said a danish word for nose !! (Næse) 😀 just thought
    i’d let you know 

  12. You should not give advice on natural skincare when you dont really know
    anything about it, specially since a lot of young girls watch you, at least
    give a disclaimer or research the side effects, lemons are very damaging
    for skin, anything acidic will damage it long term, you might actually see
    some results, but in the long way your skin will be SO damaged.

  13. Please if you have suffered with acne as bad and for as long as I have
    listen up! Take dairy, processed, junk food and sweets out of your diet and
    drink lots of tea and I don’t mean iced tea look into Green tea, detox tea
    and chamomile tea there’s other teas that are good too but for me these
    have been excellent I haven’t felt this good about my skin since my
    freshman year of high school I’m 23 now T_T Tea is the best thing you can
    do to eliminate and prevent acne 

  14. Her ‘intro’ music has been my mobile ringtone for 2 years 🙂 its just sooo
    good lol

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