Teen Acne vs. Adult Acne | Cassandra Bankson

A talk explaining some of the variations from teenage and grownup acne with my buddy Peter Piper who picked the pimples off of his puny plastic head! For far more skincare and elegance movies, subscribe:…
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Zits. They’re the worst. Even life-style and beauty vlogger Jill Cimorelli struggles with what to do about persistent breakouts. That’s exactly where Teen Vogue’s wellness and elegance professionals, Elaine…

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  1. I urge ANYONE struggling with acne issues no matter what your age is, Try
    cutting out DAIRY from your diet completely. NO cows milk, cheese, yogurt,
    cream, chocolate etc etc. if you have not tried this, and you regularly
    consume dairy products, then i highly recommend you try this before buying
    expensive creams etc. 🙂 

  2. Cass, I have been having the weirdest acne for past two years. They those
    kinds that you can feel are already there underneath your skin when you
    touch and when come up they are REALLY big and hurt a lot, not to mention
    they leave a very dark spot behind which takes literally months to fade
    away. And i’m 19 now it started when I was 17. also I’ve noticed that they
    always come up around a certain time of the YEAR (which for me is around

    Does anybody else have these kinds of acne? Can someone help me out?

  3. I’m 16, but i have Adult Acne ! Don’t know why. I don’t have blemishes on
    my forehead, but my cheak area has so much redness, scaring and acne. Also
    sometimes I have very dry skin ! Can sommeone please explain why !?

  4. I hear so much about acne on forehead, jawline and chin… But almost
    nothing about cheek acne?? I have bad skin on my cheeks, I recently broke
    out in two painful cysts on my cheek and I hate it so much! I’ve been
    having this issue since I was 16 and I’m 20 now. How do I get rid of cheek

  5. The quality and editing = on point Cass! 🙂 From age 12 to 15 mine was
    mainly forehead and chin, but from 16 to literally just last year it was
    mostly my cheeks and it was so so bad, that’s where all my scarring is –
    thankfully the hyper pigmentation is now gone though! 🙂 <3 Isn't cheek
    acne mostly related to hormones too? My derm told me that so it's always
    remained in my head. Looking beautiful! x

  6. Okay, I break out on my nose and around it. Like the place where pores are
    most visible. I always have some sort of break out there. Why is that?

  7. I’m 20 and I have oily skin in the areas where my skin is dry. It’s been
    like this since I started college, whereas before I had just an oily t-zone
    with no dryness at all. What kinds of moisturizers do you think work best?

  8. Teen Acne Versus Adult Acne with my friend Peter Piper who picked the
    pimples off of his puny plastic head! 

  9. This was such a helpful video! Very informative. I had mild acne as a
    teenager, but ever since I turned 25, my hormonal acne has gotten
    increasingly worse. I did a round of Accutane last year, which was
    horrible, and it cleared up for my skin for a year. But now my acne is
    coming back. Any suggestions on how to deal with hormonal acne?

    Also, your make up looks gorgeous in this video! What products are you
    wearing on your eyes and lips? And the rest of your face, for that matter.

  10. Please tell us more about treating adult acne, I seriously don’t know what
    else to do 

  11. It’s HORMONES adult acne for me. What to DO?! Tried nearly EVERYTHING
    prescribed and over the counter and natural! Someone anyone help please !

  12. It’s really hard to take advice on acne from someone who hasn’t been able
    to treat their own. No offense. But you aren’t a derm and and you haven’t
    solved your problems. I’m sick of seeing all these people claim to be
    experts on acne. Just because you have acne doesn’t make you an expert. 

  13. акне это ужасно. мне 16 и у меня высыпания на щеках + капилляры расположены
    очень близко к поверхности кожи, из этого следует, что от любого даже
    самого маленького прыща останется красный или красно-бордовый след. акне
    это ужасная проблема особенно у девушек. видимо те девушки с идеальной
    кожей от природы – ведьмы!

  14. Huh that’s some interesting information. I’ve been struggling with acne for
    quite a while, and I’m only 17. My dermatologist and I worked to bring it
    down a lot, but as you were referring to the different types of acne I must
    have old person skin :,D I’ve never had real acne on my forehead, maybe a
    little bump here and there (but no where near what you would see on the
    average tween at a middle school), but I do tend to get acne on the lower
    half of my face- upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Any suggestions?? Or reasons
    why ii wouldn’t have “traditional teenage acne”?

  15. Please make a video on treating Adult Acne esp on the chin .. Yes, I agree
    most acne treatments are so harsh and people can have acne on the chin and
    still it’s dry ! Please help .. 

  16. My acne problems didn’t start until I hit my early 20s. I developed
    mild-to-moderate acne, plus my skintone became very uneven. I currently use
    Epiduo Gel, prescribed to me by my dermatologist. Recently, I was also put
    on a new skincare regimen as well, which is working really good for me.

  17. I have PCOS and would get cystic acne on my jawline and a few other places.
    I suffered for just two years very heavily, but I cured it with the
    cheapest product ever…it’s at the dollar tree and it’s called pear’s soap
    (not made from really pears btw lol) it’s a bar soap and I just lather it
    into a washcloth and wash my face in the shower. I get a cyst every now and
    then, but it’s not nearly as big or bad as it once was. I would definitely
    suggest it to anyone. 

  18. More vids on adult acne please! I had perfect skin till I turned 22 or 23
    and now I am 25 and still dealing with it!

  19. can you talk about closed comedones in a video? I realized that nobody
    really knows what they are or how to treat them. Thank you!

  20. I’m 14 & my acne is around my cheeks kinda and my mouth.. And it’s pretty
    bad I’m sooooooo insecure about it. I take medicine but it doesn’t help AT

  21. I could really use some more information on adult acne. I am 23 and my face
    suddenly about 6 months ago decided to go crazy. Keep in mind, I have
    always had clear skin. Even when I was a teenager I never had acne except
    for the very occasional pimple, but for some reason lately I cannot seem to
    get my skin under control — at the moment I probably have at least 8-10
    breakouts which was unheard of for me until recently. I like to think I
    know a good amount about skincare and always make sure I’m doing what I can
    to properly take care of my skin but nothing is working.

    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I’m at a loss… 

  22. The amount of prettiness is over the top:D I had some bad acne when I went
    to uni. It came out of nowhere. Also I made it 10 times worse by picking
    and touching, very bad idea. What helped? Not products? Time. Time and
    leaving it alone. In time it just went away and by not picking it broke the
    vicious cycle. So to all people out there, there is big hope. It bothered
    me for 3 years, but in about 5-6 months it just went away on it’s own. So
    do not pick and be patient. Good luck!

  23. so yeah. I have a lot of acne on my back ( its so annoying ). when I have
    gym it really bothers me to change my clothes because I’m scared if someone
    sees it. its so embarresing. but I wash it really good and stuff, and it
    still doesn’t go away. im really afraid for the summer because yeah,
    swimming, short clothes ( things like that ). Do you maybe have some tips?
    btw sorry for my bad english

  24. For the stuff that melts away your dead skin cells, do you put it on
    anywhere you have acne? Thanks~

  25. gurrrl i know how you feel! props to you teen vogue for putting a girl with
    more then one tiny pimple i can finally relate too!

  26. What concealer did you use? I’m super pale too and it’s so hard to find
    really light concealers. :)

  27. What was the first product before the gel moisturizer? The face cleanser…

  28. I’m really interested on the Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel. Wonder
    where could I get one.

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